Unlucky in business? Here’s what you can do

As an entrepreneur, developing a successful business and standing out in a competitive market are probably your main objectives. Reaching your professional goals isn’t easy, but if you keep your focus and make the most of you luck, meeting your goals become a plausible possibility. If you have noticed that things aren’t exactly going your way lately, perhaps you need […]

Energy saving tips in summer

As soon as the cold season is over, most homeowners are left with empty pockets and a lot of bills to pay. Christmas gifts, winter vacations and heating costs can add up to four-figure numbers and put a lot of financial stress on the average household. Fortunately, when summer comes you can start to save money and avoid ending up […]

The Ongoing Battle Between iOS And Android Development

There is a permanent controversy around iOS and Android. Developing for iOS is much different than developing for Android and multiple factors can influence the process (demographics, development speed, app costs, engagement and so on). The two operating systems present visible differences and the only one who can decide which is appropriate is the developer. A developer will always seek […]