5 Warning Signs You Need A New Phone + Tips for A Hassle-Free Upgrade

5 Warning Signs You Need A New Phone + Tips for A Hassle-Free Upgrade

Even though almost everyone now owns a smartphone, we can’t deny they are quite an expensive purchase. For example, Apple’s latest iPhone 11 can cost around $700, and that’s not even the most high-priced version. And while Android phones tend to be a bit less expensive, the average cost is still over a couple hundred dollars. This is why people wait until the last moment before they decide to switch to a new phone model.

New phone models can safely be used for at least five years before they start showing signs of defeat, but when the time calls for it, a phone upgrade is unavoidable. While we don’t encourage changing your phone every time a new model comes out, sometimes, there are certain signs that show your smartphone begs for a replacement. 

There is no foolproof way to predict when your phone’s life is reaching the end, but there are some warning signs that can tell you it’s time to start looking for a newer model. 

Battery runs out fast

According to research from last year, the average user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone every day and picks it up around 58 times a day. This kind of usage can drain up the phone’s battery really fast, which is why you may be used to seeing the “Low battery” message on your screen at least once a day. A healthy phone battery should last you the entire day, but if you see your battery does not hold its charge like it used to, it may be time for a change.

There are many ways you can prolong your phone’s battery life, but sometimes even the best doctor can’t get a sick heart to start pumping blood again. That’s because the life of a battery is limited and, after recharging it for several hundreds of times, which typically means around two years, it will lose about a fifth of its ability to hold a charge. When this starts happening, there is nothing you can do about it but consider an upgrade. 


You can’t download new software updates

One of the best ways to keep your phone running at best capacity is to ensure you have installed the latest software version. But when you start observing your phone struggles to download or install software updates, it’s a sign it may need to be replaced soon. 

Software updates help fix bugs and OS issues, improve user experience and allow compatibility with various apps. Being unable to download software updates can leave you vulnerable to security threats and may prevent you from fully enjoying the experience of having a smartphone. 


The device has become too slow to use

Not being able to update your software to the latest version is one, but when you start observing your phone constantly lags or freezes, then you know you have a problem. 

There are many reasons a phone is slowing down, but in almost all cases, age is one of the main issues. New apps become too demanding and can cause your phone to run out of resources, especially if we are talking about a model that came out years ago.

Getting a new phone will make this problem go away, as you will have plenty of resources to run your favorite apps in the blink of an eye. And if you are afraid a new phone may burn a hole in your pocket, consider looking for options such as buy now pay later phones no credit check


Wear and tear damage

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to have the technology to make phone indestructible and affordable at the same time. No matter how careful we are with our phones, there’s almost always a scratch on the screen or a dent in the body of the device that magically appears. While these small imperfections are not an issue, a small scratch can turn into a serious crack in the screen at the most meaningless fall, and that can take a toll on the functionality of your phone.

In time, wear and tear damage, such as worn-out buttons or cracks in the case, can also affect the way your phone runs. When that happens, you are not left with much of a choice. Repairing your phone is often expensive, and older models are not worth the investment, so upgrading to a newer model is your only option. 


Poor camera quality

We live in the selfie era, so let’s face it. We all want our phones to take good photos which we can then upload on social media. For the untrained eye, there is little to no difference between a photo taken with a professional camera and one taken with the latest phone models – that’s how good smartphone cameras have gotten.

But if you have an old phone, you will start observing your photos lack the vibrance and quality they once seemed to have. And when it comes to editing your photos, there’s little you can do to improve their resolution. If you want to take nice photos, then a new phone is your best bet. 


Tips for upgrading your smartphone

Shopping for a new phone is no easy job, as there are many things to look out for. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Changing operating systems: if you decide to go from an Android phone to an iOS one, for example, take into consideration the fact that you may need to repurchase some of your apps, as there is no way to transfer them cross-platform. 
  • Storage needs: if you take lots of photos or use many apps, consider getting a phone with larger storage capacity, but if you only use it for emails and phone calls, a 32GB storage capacity should be just enough

Big brands or no big brands: Apple and Samsung phones tend to be on the more expensive side, but their quality is also superior to other models on the market. If you have the money to invest in a new phone, consider getting a model from one of the top brands.