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A balanced life: managing a full-time job while raising children

A balanced life: managing a full-time job while raising children

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful aspects of our lives. Having your kids to raise, educate and love is the most amazing feeling that each of us is waiting for a long time even if we fear considerably for the safety and the well-being of them. However, when it comes to making the decision of becoming a parent, you have to make sure that you are ready for this big step in your life because it implies a big responsibility that you have to be very considerate about on order to ensure a good education and healthy development of your child.

In the modern world that we live in, the busyness and the chaotic lifestyles might interfere both with the decision of becoming a parent and also with the way you balance your career and parenting once your baby is born. You need to be aware that even if it is going to be a little bit harder at the beginning, when your child is still too young to take care of himself or herself, you still should not delay the moment of conceiving a baby that you are going to protect and love for the rest of your life only for focusing on your career.  You are going to manage to have a balance between your responsibilities as a parent and your professional life.

Who stays home with the kids?

When trying to find the best solution for being successful in your career while parenting, you have to be aware that you are not alone in this matter. You need to rely on your partner for this important issue of your life and find an efficient way together with him or her. Two working parents might be a little bit problematic when it comes to successfully taking care of the responsibilities that a child implies.  Ask yourselves whose career is more important? Who is gaining the biggest amount of money? And consider the solution when one of you is going to either get a part-time job or if it does not affect the finances of your family to drastically, one of you can stay home with your child while the other one continues his or her career.

Try working from home

One of the most common solutions that many parents have started to embrace in order to balance their professional and personal life is to work from home. Many companies have started to understand the importance of family and give the opportunity to their employees to continue their professional activity from home if possible. If your job is the type of job that you can do in from of your laptop in your own house, consider it as an option to also be able to spend time with your kid while working for your career as well.

Consider starting your own business

When working from home and parenting at the same time, you still have to respect the working hours that your employer has set, so this does not give you freedom entirely to dedicate your time to your child whenever he or she needs it. So, if you have always wanted to be your own boss and considered starting a business in Singapore, now it is the perfect time for you to do it. You can plan everything that opening a business means before your newborn is born and continue your business from home once the parenting period will start. Find a company such as A1 Business which can help and advice you with the registration, appliance and obtaining a license for your business.

Set limitations

When working while parenting, you have to make sure that you are able to set some limitations to your professional life. Once your baby is born, it is not the right time to become a workaholic and work all day long even after the working hours have finished. Use the free time for spending time with your kids instead of continuing your tasks from your job because you are too stressed about the deadlines. Spending time with your child does not only mean to be next to him while doing something completely different than interacting with him or her, it means that you have to play together, teach him or her new things, share knowledge and experiences that you both had on that day. Being a present parent in the life of his or her child is more important than getting some extra money for your extra hours worked.

The weekends are for the family

If your job is making you intensively busy all the time at the working days, during the weekend you have no more excuse for not spending time with your child. the weekends should be used as opportunities for bonding more and more with your child by traveling, cooking, and spending quality time together no matter what you choose to do.

Choose a part-time job

If you are a single parent that cannot afford to give up to your job completely because you have no other income to help you with raising your child, you can consider changing your job to a part-time one which can give you the opportunity to have flexible working hours and make the working program as you need it in order to be able to take care of your child. For example, you can work while your kid is at school.

Ask for the help of other parents

If your parents do not live close to your house so that they can come and babysit your child from time to time and to help you with educating and taking care of him or her, you can ask the other parents from your network to have a mutual help. If you have a meeting that you cannot miss but you also have no one to leave your child with in order for him and her to be safe, ask the other parents that live nearby your house to babysit your child for some time. Also, make sure that you do the same when they need your help with babysitting their kids.