American football

American football

Who hasn’t seen at least one football match played among two teams consisting of about eleven players for each of the team involved in the game playing. If you are a fan of the American football then you surely know that there are some rules and regulations that the football players have to respect in order to play it correctly.In the United States, football is a true phenomenon and there are hardly any people who don’t know its rules by heart or have a favorite team that they support through thick and thin. Fans also have an NFL store where they can buy official merchandise from and take their passion on even greater highs. Actually, American football is such a huge phenomenon that there are NFL stores even in Europe.

Basically, the game refers to the fact that each team has its rights in holding the ball and trying to score. Each player can either attempt scoring or passing the ball to a team-mate who is more likely to score. In order to make their best moves on the playing field you should know the football players have to be intensively prepared by skilled coaches. The coaches are the ones that establish the football strategies, drills and other techniques that are meant to put the best players in the best field positions in order to score. Scoring can mean different things in this game playing and it can refer to the next situations: the offensive line scores by throwing the ball in the opponent goal gate, the ball is taken by a player over the goal line of the combat team, a player catches the ball thrown by a team mate over the goal line or he tackles the opponent player in his end zone.

This game rules involve as well some penalties for the players that are not playing correctly and by the rules. Usually, the penalty flags signalizing that the players involved in the American football playing haven’t played correctly are thrown by an official on the field in order to stop the game. As a consequence of a penalty a down can be replayed. If the penalty refers to the defensive playing then in some cases the offensive line can get a first down. If the penalty targets the actions of the offensive line then the combat team may lose a down. Among the actions that involve points gaining, the touchdown is the one that attracts most points and it involves the situation when a football player runs with the ball in his hands or gets the ball thrown by a team mate in the end zone of the opponent team.

The American football positions are also very important in this game playing as they put the best players in the best places of the field in a team attempt to score. You should know that when involved in an offensive action, each team has an offensive tackle position which can be located either left or right in the attempt of scoring.