How to draw

If you want to learn how to draw then you should know you have a few effective ways to do that which include attending some drawing lessons meant to be of real help for the ones that are beginners in the art of drawing and also following the guidelines of some online drawing tutorials provided by pros that can guide you step by step in accomplishing different drawings.

Kids drawing

If you want to teach kids drawing to your little ones, then you should take into account some simple images of flowers, pets or objects like different boxes, bells, stars or hearts that can be easily copied by them on a sheet of paper and you should also help them learn the basics of drawing in helping them create accurate lines, dots and shapes prior to creating different images.

Creative Design

Creative design can be applied to various objects or processes and it can deal with branding, clothing, furniture, home interior and exterior, user interface and even corporate identities, in an attempt to combine – though not always – the useful with the aesthetic, by following a certain plan and objective, specifications, parameters and costs.

Graphic Designers

In order to be proficient, graphic designers must acquire a degree from authorized trade schools and they must be able to use various software to help them manipulate images, photos, typography and others in order to create something attractive, original and unique for their client; the better they are and the larger their portfolio, the better they will be paid and sought after by other clients.

Pencil drawings

Even if only some of us are endowed with a natural born talent in drawing the great news is that from infancy kids can be taught the secrets of drawing and painting starting from some simple pencil drawings that can be very helpful for them while for the most skilled artists the drawings made by pencil can mean creating awesome 3D images and portraits.

Valentine Crafts

The Valentine crafts could mean many different things from using different craft supplies in order to make your kids understand the meaning of love and why this feeling needs to be worshipped to providing your children the occasion to cheer up and use their creativity skills in designing things in their own manner.


Donatello is one of the first representatives of the early Renaissance period and in his 80-year long life he became famous mostly for his sculptures, especially for his bronze David which foresaw the realism that was to come and was also the first free-standing nude since ancient civilizations.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti, best known for his Genesis scenes and The Last Judgment from the Sistine Chapel and his impressive sculptures David and Pietà, was the first Western artist to have biographies written about him, praising him as Il Divino, in his own lifetime, something unheard of until then.

Modern Design

Modern design is one of the manifestations of Modernism, which was a rejection of old-fashioned, pre-industrial society with its narrow views, strict religions and harsh morals; modernism was like a new Enlightenment where people sought a new society and new cultural and even political expressions.

Sandro Botticelli

Having studied all over Italy with some of the best masters, Sandro Botticelli soon became a favorite of the nobles who wanted to decorate their homes and he was even commissioned by the Pope for some works at the Sistine Chapel; unfortunately, towards the end of his life the teachings of Savonarola made him deny his early works.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is perhaps the most difficult manifestations of art to understand, perhaps because its main characteristic is the departure from reality, from common perspective, with the use and alteration of color, form and lines to the point where nothing is represented as in reality and nothing is recognizable anymore.

Drawing cartoons

There are many activities people can choose from in order to escape the boredom of this world and among the funny ones we should mention drawing cartoons which can mean a lot of fun both for children and grown ups as it targets drawing cartoons from dragons, superheroes and movie or cartoon characters to different pets, monsters and Halloween or Easter items.

Crafts for Kids

There are many great occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, theme parties and many more when children can get excited in creating some ornaments and decorations and the best way to let them play around and use their imagination is to have some crafts for kids from a store nearby or from the Internet as this way your little ones will recreate and use their skills and creativity.