Asprey Calla Lily Ring

Asprey Calla Lily Ring

Rings are among the most common jewelry worn by both men and women, perhaps due to the fact that they are also more accessible as a price. But there are also collections of rings that well exceed the budget possibilities of most people. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be admired as pieces of art, because the craftsmanship applied to making them is of such a high quality that they are no longer simple accessories. Such is the Asprey Calla Lily Ring collection, which is comprised of a few lily-shaped rings made from different metals and adorned with various precious gemstones.

One of the most interesting pieces of the Asprey Calla Lily Ring collections is a piece made from white gold or platinum, paved with brilliant-cut clear diamonds and a few pink sapphires that confer it depth and make it unique. What’s so special about this collection is that every ring is spiral-shaped and ending like the crown of a calla lily. This one in particular is very handsome because it has a royal-like aura given by the light that the precious stones reflect.

Very interesting, yet less impressive, is the Asprey Calla Lily Ring made from 18-karat yellow gold with a few small diamonds. While not as spiraled as the previous one, this Asprey Calla Lily Ring also has a very dynamic and continuous shape, but its simpler design makes it fit for everyday use. That does not mean that it is cheaper though, since it may cost somewhere between $1,500 and $4,000, depending on the vendor.

Most women, if not all, love to own as many pieces of jewelry as they can get, matching them with different outfits, with other accessories, choosing them for this or that occasion. The good news, for those who’ve fallen in love with the Asprey Calla Lily Ring collection is that there are more rings of this type that they can purchase if they so wish. For example, one very interesting piece from this collection is the White Gold Black Calla Lily ring. As the name suggests, it is made from white gold and adorned with black diamonds, rubies and tsavorite. The black diamonds represent the crown of the flower of course, the rubies are its pistils and the green tsavorite represent the flower’s tail. This piece is sensual and mysterious and it would make an amazing gift for someone special.

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