Steps to follow after losing your car keys

It may seem weird to you that people might need advice to follow for the situation where they lose their car keys, but many individuals actually take wrong action in those cases. Misplacing or losing your car keys can be extremely frustrating, that is a known fact, especially when it happens when you are already late for work, stranded outside […]

2013 Lexus LFA

Toyota’s interest in giving customers a more powerful car that is fuel efficient and can also reduce pollution is made clear in designing the 2013 Lexus LFA that has replaced its steel components with some reinforced plastic fabrics made of carbon fibers that make this car weight lighter and ensure its engine with more power when speeding up.

How a car engine works

If you wonder how a car engine works, you should find out from the very beginning that your petrol or diesel engine in an internal combustion engine and the process that takes place inside this engine is referring to getting the fuel transformed into energy using the intake, compression, combustion and exhaust stages that are vital in creating motion in your car.

How Diesel Engines Work

If you wonder how diesel engines work you should know the stages an internal combustion engine completes in turning fuel into energy and motion which are termed as intake, compression, combustion and exhaust are basically the same for the diesel engines as well as for the petrol engines and the difference is given by the fact diesel engines are more efficient.

2013 Caterham Seven Supersport R

If you are aware of the fact the urban cars can not be compared to the racing cars that are surpassing them in their power capabilities and unique driving sensation and you want to find out more about a special racing car that has an impressive low displacement and a body weight of only 535 kg then you should read more about the 2013 Caterham Seven Supersport R.

2012 Audi A6

If you want to have comfort and enjoy the power a great car can offer, you should take a look at the 2012 Audi A6, which is guaranteed not to disappoint you with its leather characteristics and the fine wood interior looks as well as with its Quattro system that ensures a front to rear distribution of power for this car.