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Balancing a Career and a Personal Life

Balancing a Career and a Personal Life

Balancing a career and a personal life can be a challenge for those career-driven people. If you love your job, it’s easy to dedicate every waking hour to it and even work late nights or on weekends. If your job is a lack-luster, you are probably forced to put so much time and effort into it. Either way, our bodies and mind can only handle so much pressure, and if our work becomes our life it will only lead to burnout and burning bridges with those we love. Many people find it difficult to balance a career and a personal life because there have been layoffs or cutbacks and they fear something like this might happen to them so they are putting in more hours. If you are finding it more difficult to juggle the demands of your job and personal life, you are not alone. Here are five tips that will help you bring more balance to your life:

  • Be proactive about scheduling

When you plan your weekly schedule, make sure you include time with your family, friends and activities that you enjoy so you can recharge. And of course, this involves sacrifice and compromise. Image that you have to choose between a fully integrated dishwasher and a portable dishwasher. The fully integrated dishwasher takes up little space but the portable machine doesn’t require an expensive and time consuming installation process, and it is also perfect for a rental place. Naturally you will choose the feature that best suits your needs. If spending time with your family is what you need, you will manage your time well at work so you won’t have to cancel.

  • Set realistic goals

Don’t assume that balancing a career and a personal life is all about big changes. Try to set realistic goals, like leaving earlier one night per week or spending an hour a week on your hobby. Slowly include more activities into your busy schedule and try taking 10 or 15 minutes each day on something that will recharge your batteries. Listen to music, read a novel, take a bath or just go for a walk. This way, you will be able to focus on career while also building healthy family relationships.

  • Compartmentalize

Having a personal life and a successful career is the best of both worlds. But how can you keep those different worlds happy? The answer is simple: just keep them separate. When you are at work, focus on the task at hand and don’t let your love life be a distraction. This way you will be more productive and have more quality time to spend with your loved ones.

  • Know your employer’s policies

Find out what your company’s policies on flextime and telecommuting are. If you are a strong performer, it will be easy negotiating an arrangement that works for both parties. Communication is also important. Let your manager and boss know if you are not available for certain hours during the day because you have to deal with personal issues and get their full support.  Use technology to your advantage and telecommute a few times a week. This way you will be able to focus on work and also use the extra hours for yourself.

  • Define success in all categories of your life

Each person defines success on his own terms, and that definition is very personal. At the end of your life, only you can look back and say that you were successful. Some people consider themselves successful if they have a big salary whilst others are satisfied with their life if they have built healthy family relationships. Realize what constitutes success to you and examine the categories of your life: husband, wife, CEO, father, mother, self and identify the actions that make you feel fulfilled and successful in these roles. This way you won’t lose sight of your business agenda or your family’s needs.