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Best and Worst Electric Dryers

Best and Worst Electric Dryers

If you want to buy an electric clothes dryer, you have to be aware of the good and the bad models on the market to know what to look for and what to avoid. Therefore, read this article to find out which are the best electric dryers, the ones that you should purchase for your own use, and find out which are the worst models on the market to avoid buying them.

Samsung DV457EVGS

The DV457EVGS model from Samsung is, without a doubt, a top clothes dryer 2016 unit. You can have this efficient electric dryer for the price of $1300. It has 8 specialty cycles that you can choose from, including the Fast Steam cycle. It offers 15 dryer cycles. It’s whisper quiet while operating. It has a generous capacity of 8.0 cubic feet. It comes with the delay start feature that can be set for a maximum of 12 hours. Also, it has 7 temperature selections and 6 dry selections that you can choose from.

Whirlpool Smart Front Load WEL98HEBU

For $1350 you can have the amazing and stylish Whirlpool Smart Front Load WEL98HEBU. Due to the fact that it uses the 6th Sense Live technology, it allows you to monitor and control the electric dryer even when you are away. It has the capacity of 7.4 cubic feet. It offers 13 cycles for you to choose from. Also, it has 5 temperature settings to suit your needs.

Kenmore 68002

Another top clothes dryer 2016 unit that you should consider buying is the Kenmore 68002, that you can have for the price of $950. It has a generous capacity of 7.5 cubic feet. The Sanitize cycle eliminates up to 99.99% of the bacteria that lurks on your laundry. It eliminates the need for ironing your clothes due to the Wrinkle Guard cycle. In addition, the EvenHeat technology that the Kenmore 68002 uses protects the clothes from overdrying to not damage them, it adjusts the temperature, and it ends the cycle automatically when the clothes are dry.

Daewoo DWRWE5413WC

We’ve seen the best, now it’s time to find out which is the worst electric dryer. One of the worst performing electric clothes dryers is the Daewoo DWRWE5413WC. Even worse, it costs $1200 to buy. For such a high price, it would be expected of the Daewoo DWRWE5413WC clothes dryer to deliver perfect results. It doesn’t dry all types of fabrics effectively. It’s not really able to get the odors out of the laundry. Therefore, instead of spending the absurd amount of money for this bad performing electric dryer, buy one of the upper mentioned best models on the market.