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Best Hot + Cool Tower Fans

Best Hot + Cool Tower Fans

Tower fans are good at cooling the air during hot summer days while fans keep you warm in winter, so you can say that both are efficient and useful devices. But what would you say if you could enjoy the benefits of both in one device that can be adjusted depending on what you need? Discover below the top rated tower fan models with hot+cold features that bring a breeze of cool air and a touch of warmth under the same housing.

Comfort Zone Citadel Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater/Fan CZ488

This tower fan was designed with versatility and comfort in mind, hence the adjustable thermostat and the dual heat setting that let you choose between an 800-watt and a 1500-watt heating element. The affordable price of only $50 makes it even more attractive, considering that you can use it during every season. Measuring 7.8 inches wide and 17 inches high, the Comfort Zone tower fan features an 80° oscillation that improves the heat circulation and allows you to use the fan for cooling as well. It comes in a heat-resistant housing with a tip-over switch and a convenient cord storage for increased comfort.

DeLonghi TCH7090ER Safeheat 24 In. Ceramic Tower Heater

This 24-inch high tower fan uses a 1500-watt ceramic heating element that creates fast and power heat to warm your house during winter and also comes with a fan-only option that makes it suitable for summer ventilation. You can choose from 3 heat levels depending on how much heat you need, with the multiple heat setting that includes Minimum, Boost, and EcoEnergy, which is a setting that saves up to 40% energy. The tower fan also includes a motorized oscillation that helps it disperse heat on a wider area and all this performance will only cost you $100.

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

This tower fan is the most recent from a series of hot and cool tower fans that amaze with their stylish design. There would be much to say about the futuristic metallic housing available in a variety of color combination that would complement any modern house, but we will focus on its performance. It looks stunning and it’s useful all year round thanks to the ability to blow both hot and cold air, so the $550 price is justified by many aspects. The Dyson AM09 seems to be this year’s top rated tower fan with dual heat functions. It’s equipped with an Air Multiplier technology that accelerates the air through an annual aperture, without the use of spinning blades. The airflow is projected evenly and at high speed, thus ensuring a wide air circulation while saving on energy.