Best Keyless Door Locks

Best Keyless Door Locks

Are you planning to extra secure your home in the near future? If so, then you need to go for a keyless door lock. This modern device comes with innovative features that will provide you comfort and safety. If you don’t know what model to go for, then take your inspiration from the following best smart locks:

Schlage Connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt

Due to the Z-Wave Technology, this device will connect to your home automation system, and you will be able to easily lock and unlock the door via your smartphone or your laptop, which is absolutely amazing. The device features 3 alert modes that will let you know when a person is leaving or entering your property and a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen. Furthermore, a memory of 30 different access codes is provided by this innovative unit. The Schlage Connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt is one of the best products of this type, which you should definitely have if you really want to feel safe in your own house.

SoHoMill YL 99 keyless electronic keypad lock

This is not only a very clever device but also one of the most affordable smart locks. It can replace most standard door knobs and it can also hold up to 8 programmable passcodes. The unit will let you know when it is time to replace the batteries through its clever battery indicator. Furthermore, the SoHoMill YL 99 keyless electronic keypad lock will automatically lock itself from the outside, just after 3 seconds. Even if this unit doesn’t feature a WiFi connection, it’s still considered one of the best products of this type. Therefore, you should confidently go for it, if you want to secure your front door extremely well.

August Smart Lock

If you want an innovative device to secure your home, then you should opt for August Smart Lock. This is definitely one of the best keyless door locks available on the market nowadays. The unit can replace most single cylinder deadbolts in order to provide you a very secure access to your house, via Android or iOS devices. The device works via a secure wireless connection, independently. Furthermore, it can also work via a Bluetooth connection, which is even better. Even if this product is not very cheap, the money you are going to pay for it is not going to be in vain. Overall, the August Smart Lock is without a doubt a modern device that will provide you the desired safety and comfort.