Bilingual education

Bilingual education

Education is very important to every single student that wants to acquire knowledge and skills that later on should be put in practice in pursuing a career in a certain field that depends on the student’ proficiency in doing a certain business activity. You should know that today there are endless jobs and career paths one can follow depending on the school preparation and preferences. Many people even choose to work abroad in order to get better paid salaries. But a thing one should be aware of is that following a career somewhere far away in other country than your native involves also being highly skilled in other language than you native language. And since schools seem to prepare students no matter the career options they would want to have after graduating there is no wonder the bilingual education is so important to all students.

Moreover, today it seems all pupils are eager to learn a widespread language that can give them the chance of traveling abroad and getting well with understanding the language of a different nation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to learn the native language of a certain nation in order to visit their country as all around the globe people go well in understanding a few international languages that are learnt in schools as well.

Today, in most schools students can get the occasion of attending bilingual education. This type of education involves teaching to students two languages at the same time through the educational disciplines and programs. You should know that both languages being taught are getting the same importance in the academic instruction. Being equally important the languages will get no favor over one another. And we can say that after graduating, students should have the ability of using both the native and a secondary language with the same accuracy. In an ever-globalizing world, this skill will become more and more important, and this is already visible in our society. Those who cannot see the importance of knowing more than one language don’t see how they limit themselves, and how their experiences can be limited by this. There is one interesting education quote by peace activist and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela; in it, he says that speaking to a person in a language they comprehend will help you reach their mind, but speaking to them in their own language will take you and what you say, to their heart. This education quote is a poetic way of saying that language is essential, and it can be a barrier or a bridge, depending on how we choose to use it. Language is what mostly sets us apart and makes us perceive we are different; but when the language is common or shared, it can become a way of realizing just how much alike we are.

Furthermore, we can say that a thing that brought to the development of the bilingual education in many countries is given by the fact that in such countries both languages being taught in schools are currently being spoken. And here we can mention Canada where the official languages are both English and French. Moreover, since even the Constitution of this country states for these two languages to be used as official there is no wonder you will find in this country’s schools both English and French being taught to students.

Even in the European Union, most countries have as a basic school rule the teaching in native language along with a secondary language that includes English, French or German to be more frequently selected as a foreign language to be instructed to pupils.