Smart Investment Strategies for Small Business Owners

Small business owners sometimes struggle to find the necessary investment resources. And unfortunately, in their absence, their businesses might go down a descending path. While starting and growing a small business isn’t easy, there are some strategies that might help you capitalize your assets more effectively. Securing a start-ups’ funds is not as easy as many make it look, but […]

Value Investing

Having been founded at the end of the 1920s, value investing is basically referring to the purchase of stocks at a lower price than their actual, general value, this having been established after a fundamental analysis of the company or business, analyzing data from the company’s history as well as its present.

How to Invest Money

Many people are interested in learning how to invest money but they never do anything about it because they think you need a business degree or some studies for it, but truth is you don’t even need a college degree, just some research and a bit of courage glued together by patience and a bit of luck.

How to Start Investing

Those who wish to learn how to start investing should know that this is no rocket science and with a little time and dedication anyone can learn what is best to do and what to avoid; for example, many beginners prefer bonds because, although the profit is smaller, the sum they’ve invested will almost certainly return back to them eventually.

Investing in Gold

Investing in gold is a great option whether you’ve got other investments as well – like stocks or bonds –, but if you’re a rookie investor as well, because its value almost never decreases, on the contrary; since the 1970s, the value of gold has been in an almost constant increase.

Investment Calculator

The investment calculator can be quite a useful tool for those who want to set up an economy account, because, based on the information you give it about the initial sum you deposit, the bank’s interest and your monthly or quarterly contributions it calculates how much money you will be able to gain at the end of a specific period that you set.

Types of Investments

There are three major types of investments, the first being the purchase of bonds – which is the safest investment though with not much profit –, the purchase of stocks – which can bring a lot of profit if it is done well –, and the mutual fund, which is a combination of the two and will probably be handled by a professional who knows the stock market.