Can someone with PTSD be cured? Let’s find out

Can someone with PTSD be cured? Let’s find out


PTSD, most commonly referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health condition that takes place in individuals who have experienced or seen traumatic events that have threatened their life or wellbeing, such as an auto accident or sexual assault. The symptoms are very serious and they don’t go away. Stress reactions develop following the incident that has caused emotional, physical, spiritual or psychological harm. This includes feelings of sadness, anger, and fear. The negative thoughts and feelings do not fade away, meaning that people who struggle with PTSD feel stressed and frightened in spite of the fact that they aren’t in danger.

It has been estimated that one in ten people will have post-traumatic stress disorder in their lifetime. Everyone is prone to developing this debilitating condition. After a traumatic experience, the person is highly vulnerable. It’s difficult if not impossible to recover emotional equilibrium and regain control of your life. if you’ve got reason to believe that you might suffer from shell shock, you need to seek a diagnosis, as well as treatment. There are several approaches to the healing of what is called PTSD. The point is that a person with post-traumatic stress disorder can be cured.

What difference is there between a cure and a treatment?  

It’s important to draw attention to the fact that cure and treatment aren’t the same thing. The terms may be used interchangeably on the Internet, but they don’t have the same meaning. More specifically, a cure is when you no longer have the medical condition; in this case, PTSD. Treatment, on the other hand, implies looking at the conditions and managing the disease so as to improve the result. What happens when a mental health condition can’t be cured? Simple. Doctors resort to all sorts of treatments to control it. Many are of the opinion that there isn’t a cure for trauma. They argue that there is no uniquely identifiable causative agent. It’s needless to say that these people are wrong. Post-traumatic stress disorder has detectable causes. The problem is that there are too many. So, there can be a cure for PTSD.

PTSD and substance abuse

Unfortunately, those who have witnessed scary, life-threatening events succumb to drug and alcohol addiction. These people relive the incident over and over again, and they are willing to do anything to forget what has hurt them in the past. Drugs and booze help them get through the day. It’s their cure for PTSD. Individuals can escape reality and find peace. The higher the stress levels are, the more likely the person is to turn to drugs or alcohol. Not only do the substances decrease anxiety, but also they increase pleasure and help deal with uncomfortable emotions. It doesn’t even cross the mind of sufferers that symptoms get worse when consuming drugs or alcoholic drinks. The only thing that they care about is numbing their memory.    

Chemical dependency is almost inevitable. In other words, people feel compelled to drink alcohol and take drugs even if they know that they will have a negative consequence on their bodies. It’s understandable why people with post-traumatic stress disorder feel the need to resort to coping mechanisms. However, it’s essential to understand that the mechanisms don’t always bring about positive coping. There are healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Nevertheless, it seems that people tend to forget that. Alternatively, perhaps they ignore it completely. 

The cure for PTSD is finally here

Almost a century ago, there was no option whatsoever for treating shell shock. People didn’t even know what was happening to them, let alone acknowledge the fact that they needed treatment. Psychological injuries are invisible in the sense that they are dealt with as if they don’t exist. Individuals have to comprehend that they have a problem and there are solutions at their disposal. Those who are looking forward to getting their lives back have something to hope for. To be more precise, there are natural cures that they can resort to. In what follows, we have a few examples of restorative solutions. If you’re one of the few unlucky ones that have this mental condition, you need to take action right away.

·         Natural diet plants

Ideally, emotional equilibrium should be recovered naturally. But how is someone with PTSD supposed to heal naturally? With the help or organic diet plants, of course. Administering medication all day long isn’t recommendable. What patients should be doing is following natural diet plans. Eating blueberries, for instance, helps considerably lessen the symptoms. The fruit reduces the drivers that are behind feelings of depression and suicide. Equally important is to pay attention to carbs. Individuals who are on a low-carb diet tend to feel more pessimistic. So, carbs may just be the culprit.

·         Ibogaine treatment

More and more specialists say that Ibogaine is a revolutionary treatment. But what is it, anyway? it’s a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that is very efficient in substance abuse cessation. Although it’s mostly used to treat drug and alcohol addiction, the cure has proven to be successful when it comes to shell shock. PTSD sufferers all have some kind of psychological distress. During the course of the therapy, unpleasant memories and images are blocked, the outcome being that individuals aren’t affected by the messages coming from the subconscious mind. It’s safe to say that Ibogaine therapy is a miracle cure for addiction.

·         Oxygen therapy

As the name suggests, oxygen therapy is a cure that involves the delivery of extra oxygen. Many are of the opinion that oxygen therapy is the next big thing. The question now is: How exactly does it work for post-traumatic stress syndrome? Well, the treatment has been proven to allow the quicker absorption of oxygen, which in turn heals the brain. There’s no way of knowing whether or not this will become the standard therapy. What is certain is that oxygen therapy is non-negligible.

Final considerations

 Yes, there is a cure for PTSD. Actually, there are several cures that are worth trying. Are you ready to get better? Don’t waste any more time and seek help.