Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch

Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch

Jewelry has always been among the most coveted accessories ever since mankind started to possess the quality of shaping metals into tools or other useful objects. We realized that metals like silver or gold, that were really resistant to outside factors and wouldn’t corrode or rust, were special and thus deserved a special role and use in society. Add to that the fact that they were rare and difficult to extract and you’ve created a special status for these metals. The same thing happened with gemstones, which presented miraculous colors and brilliancy. This article aims to present to you one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever made, and that is the classical Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch, which is a gold-plated metal brooch adorned with small and round clear glass crystals, green elongated glass crystals and a round pearl in the middle.

The combination of design and colors is striking and draws attention through its elegance and even quietness and symmetry of the model. The Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch indeed is, as the name suggests, vintage jewelry from former Chanel jewelry collections, but its design is a timeless one so it can still be worn in numerous situations. Since it is rather elegant than casual, this type of brooch is best worn with formal outfits and events, but its uses can still be multiple. When it comes to learning how to price handmade jewelry, you also have to keep in mind its origins, especially if it’s vintage jewelry; for example, having been owned by someone famous previously will definitely make a piece of jewelry more expensive, because it has an interesting history. However, when you want to figure out how to price handmade jewelry, the maker, the design and the materials used are just as important, and their value, quality and even rarity have to be considered.

Thanks to its symmetrical and round shape, this brooch draws attention to its delicate pearl by indicating it with green gemstones. Attach it to the lapel of a coat, to a blouse or hold a scarf up with it, the Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch will look amazing and complete your outfit. It can even be attached to a small, elegant hat, but only for special occasions. Otherwise, this brooch can be worn almost any time, both during the day and evening. Those wishing to purchase this delicate piece of jewelry will perhaps need to do a more thorough search of the internet or other vintage jewelry avenues because there are not many pieces left for sale or in good enough condition to be sold.

If you find the Chanel Vintage Glass Set Brooch for sale don’t expect it to be perfect because it is tens of years old, so some imperfections may be present, depending on who is selling it. Jewelry used to be something that only kings, priests and nobility had access to, it stood for social status and separated the rich from the poor, but nowadays anyone can find pieces of really valuable and remarkable jewelry.