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Chop, chop! Get a multifuel stove

Chop, chop! Get a multifuel stove


Considering the rise in oil prices many people started to reconsider their heating options. If you will take a look on the market, you will notice that multi-fuel stoves are listed at affordable prices. Actually, multi-fuel and burning fireplaces are seen as the cheaper versions of the traditional gas and oil heating solutions. There are periods when the price of the oil retreats, but you will get intrigued by the economic and environmental potential of the multi-fuel heating source. If you want to install a new stove, but you do not know what model is the right one for your needs, you should check the benefits a multi-fuel one brings.

The majority of multifuel stoves burn fuels as coal, and this is why more than 45% of people consider them an effective solution for their heating needs.

What is a multi-fuel stove?

A multi-fuel fireplace is designed to burn different types of materials

  • Smokeless fuels
  • Wood logs
  • Turf/peat briquettes
  • Anthracite

Manufacturers have designed these fireplaces to have this feature by including a central riddling grate and a raised grate or ash pan that has moving barn. They are different from the wood burning stoves, because they have to be de-ashed in order to generate efficient burning and combustion. This means that the stove will have an ash pan underneath the grate that collects the ashes, and allows you to remove it in safety conditions.

How different fuels burn?

  • If you opt for coal, then it needs air to reach it from below in order to burn efficiently. Because the fireplaces feature a grate for you to place the fuel on it, they are perfect for using coal. Many people prefer to use coal because it burns more effectively in this type of stove than wood does. But you have to keep in mind that burning coal produces a greater quantity of carbon dioxide, so this means that it is not as environmental-friendly as wood is. Also, if you compare the price of coal with that of wood, you will notice that it is a little more expensive.
  • If you want to opt for wood, then you should know that it best burns when it is sitting on a firebox, or bed of ash. In this case, the air will circulate from the top. These are great differences, and you should make sure that the model you choose is optimised for both of them. Some of the fireplaces available on the market are more effective to burn a type of fuel, and in this case, you should base your decision on buying the one that is effective at burning the fuel you prefer, and the other to remain for emergency cases.

This means that you will buy a multi-fuel stove that features primary and secondary air vents. In this way, you will be the one who will control how the air circulates, according to the type of fuel you will use. You should make sure that you buy a fireplace that allows you to remove the grate, in case you will want to burn wood at a certain point.

  • If you opt for peat then you should know that it is beneficial for chilly evenings, because it produces a slow burn. If you do not want to have a roaring flame, and you prefer a warm room, then this is the right choice for you. In the majority of cases, peat fuel is less expensive than wood and coal. If you need more heat, then you have the possibility to combine it with wood. You should pay attention, because it is not a renewable source of fuel and it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so it is not environmental friendly. By the cutting of peat, the natural landscapes and habitats may be damaged or altered. Also, you should know that burning peat will lead to a great quantity of ask and this means you will have to clean the stove regularly.

Why should you consider buying a multi-fuel stove?

  • It is disaster proof – in case you will have to deal with an incident like a storm, that will cut the local power, then you will have no issues in heating your house.
  • You choose the fuel – you are the one who will decide the type of fuel you use, according to your preferences and needs. You have plenty of options from which to select, from smokeless, to logs and eco-friendly solid fuels. In this way, you do not have to depend on the service and price of the local power company.
  • It is effective – if you choose a solid fuel, it will burn at a high temperature, and this means that it will last a long period of time. If you install the fireplace in the living room, then it will also heat the surrounding rooms and even the above ones. And where you count that there are many environmentally friendly fuels that are on their way to be brought on the market, so you will not have to worry about the carbon footprint and pollution.
  • Reduced condensation – if you opt for solid fuel heating then you will be able to reduce the damp, condensation and mould that can occur on your property. This system is different from the other ones available on the market, because it does not cause temperature changes.
  • Ventilation – the chimney will pull fresh air through your home and it will remove the polluted air
  • You will save on energy – you are the one who decides the type of fuel you will use, so you will choose the one you consider affordable. Also, if you check the prices of the solid fuel, you will notice that they are lower than the ones of the conventional energy companies
  • There is no smoke – if you live in a smokeless area then you have the possibility to choose a fuel that does not produce any smoke
  • The stove looks lovely – you will love not only the benefits this fireplace brings, but also its look, because it transform every room into a cosy space