Cut the cable cord – pros and cons of movie streaming apps

Cut the cable cord – pros and cons of movie streaming apps


We live in a digital world and everything happens at high speed. News travel extremely fast nowadays due to the Internet and people use this resource in countless purposes, from communicating with others from across the globe to making financial transactions, closing deals, promoting services and products, sharing contents and so on. What is more, the Internet has already started to replace the TV cable, since more and more people find it a lot easier to watch their favorite movies or TV series using one of the many free movie streaming apps available. Below in this article, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of using such apps instead of the out-dated and old-fashioned TV cable cord.

Pro – more flexible

One of the main differences between streaming apps and TV cable is related to flexibility. Most cable companies require their customers to sign annual contracts in order to have access to TV cable connection, which sometimes can be quite inconvenient for some people. With streaming apps, on the other hand, you benefit from more flexibility in the sense that you are not restricted to contracts signed for very long periods. In most cases, you are required to perform monthly payments to the specific app and you are allowed to cancel your contract at any time, without having to worry about any penalties or fees.

Pro – available in every location

Another great benefit that comes with movie streaming apps is that your access is not restricted to a specific area. In the case of TV cable connection, for instance, the cable cord does offer you access to a wide range of TV programs, but you can enjoy them only while you are at home, whereas streaming apps provide you access regardless your location. All you need in this case is good a Internet connection.

Pro – more affordable

When it comes to big cable providers, most people admit that their prices are quite high for the services those companies offer. Even though sometimes those providers come with some hard to refuse offers, there are still some features that people have to pay extra for in order to have access to them. Movie streaming apps such as Netflix, Crackle, BigStar Movies, Popcorn, Showbox and many others require movie enthusiasts to pay around $10 per month in order to have access to their wide collections of movies of all genres.

Pro – smart and customized viewing

Last but not least, another great advantage that comes with movie streaming apps is that they provide you customized viewing options. People can subscribe to the shows they like the most and the app will immediately alert them whenever a new episode is available. The service is quite smart too in the sense that it recommends its subscribers various TV shows or movies that they may like based on their viewing history.

Con – these apps require high-speed Internet

One potential disadvantage related to movie streaming apps is that in order to be able to watch the movies you want, you need to have access to high-speed Internet connection. As it was earlier mentioned, you can access these apps from everywhere around the globe on the condition that the Internet connection is fast enough to support streaming. Otherwise, you will only be able to check your mails and Facebook account.

Con – no Internet, no viewing

Compared to TV cable connection, streaming movie apps require Internet connection. If the Internet is not working, you will be basically left in the dark and unable to watch the latest episodes of the show you like the most.

Choose your streaming app wisely

Considering that the number of movie streaming apps is continuously increasing nowadays, it makes it quite difficult for people to select the best one to match their needs and interests. It is essential to consider several criteria when choosing such an app and one of them is related to stream quality. Nobody likes to watch blurry movies, so before you resort to a specific service, ensure they provide great stream movie quality. Furthermore, the number of movies available in the library is another criterion worth taking into account. Some apps provide a much wider selection of movies and TV series, so if you have a favorite one, it is recommended to check the app first to see if they have it included in their collection. Price is another feature worth noting and it varies from one app to another. It is best you make a list of the most popular streaming apps and compare them to each other in order to make it easier for you to select the one that fits your needs and budget.

All things considered, these are some of the main reasons why you should replace your cable cord with a movie streaming app. Taking into account both the advantages and disadvantages that come with this option, go for the app that perfectly suits you.