Emerging artists, you should definitely buy from

Emerging artists, you should definitely buy from


People love art, and if you consider it a great way to increase your income, there you are not wrong. But it is important to know what pieces of art you should buy, because there are artists who create art that will last in time, and there are artists who have little chances to find success in the future. People are emotional when they buy a piece of art, because they want to establish a connection with it. It is true the saying that when you buy a piece of art you have to love it. But it is important to fall in love with the artwork of the right artist, if you want to make money. Here is a list with some of the best emerging artists of the moment. They are young artists who create works of art in a distinctive style, and they have all the chances to become famous in the near future.

Nevia Pavletic

If you want to decorate the walls of your house with works of art in geometric shapes, then Nevia Pavletic is the right artist to buy from. She is a Croatian artist who is based in Maryland nowadays and she is passionate about art and pastel colours. Her works focus on hues as pink, blue and purple, and you can easily find her works perfect to be placed in any room of your house. When she creates her artwork, she inspires from her emotions and she offers a personal mystery to every one of them. She explores the impermanence with the help of the pencil on paper.

Igor Bleichwitz

Igor Bleichwitz is another emerging artist, art collectors love to buy from. Even if he is young he is considered one of the most talented persons of his generation, and he has multiple exhibits until now. He exposed his works of art in both group and solo events in Switzerland and Germany, so you will have the advantage of buying work of art from a person whose talented is worldwide recognised.

 Eric Chakeen

If you love rich colours then you should not longer look for an artist to provide you with the works to establish a collection. He is not a painter, but through his images, he is able to caption the most intense feelings and emotions. You will notice that Chakeen’s images are focused on light and crisp lines. His portraits are considered his most valuables pieces of art, so you can expect to have some competition if you want to buy them.

Liviu Mihai

His name may not tell you much, but in the East Europe, he is considered one of the most talented painters, and his works are exposed in galleries all around the continent. He received the Gaudeamus Awards for Painting from Romexpo in Bucharest, and he was also nominalised for Best Artists at the Oxford International Art Fair in 2014. If you want to embellish the walls of your house with some complex and deep works of art do not hesitate to check his works, you will simply be amazed. Specialists in art like Viatcheslav Kantor recommend this artist, because his works of art have potential to increase in value in the near future.            

Shane Walsh

Shane Welsh uses some powerful words to describe his work, he considers his pieces as measured, ecstatic and deliberate. When you will get in the front on one of his works, you will find it full of energy, because he uses a combination of methods to obtain an intriguing effect. He mixes photography with painting and collage to create unique pieces of art, and it is quite difficult for someone to copy them. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he is considered a valuable artist. The majority of his paintings come in black and white, and collectors consider them essential for the new interior design trend that focuses on simple and clean lines.

Cody Bayne

Some people are passionate about commercial art because it brings a unique vibe to the room where they are exposed. There are not many artists who create commercial art, because it is quite difficult to obtain a product that can be considered unique, and people to not say about it that the canvas is the one that makes the paint. Cody Bayne is interested in renewal and urban decay and his works are centred in commercialism and gentrification.

Ethan Caflisch

Ethan Caflisch is the type of artist who prefers to focus on bold shapes and colours. If you follow the recommendations of Moshe Kantor, you will understand that he is one of the artists who will make a statement with his work. He is the only artists who at the present moment mixes material and paint to obtain a unique work. He focuses not only on the final result, but also on the process. He wants to use both of his talents when he created the pieces of art, because he considers himself both a sculptor and a designer.