English Garden

English Garden

There are many ways in which one can arrange a garden and if you wonder how to design your own garden in a style that is pleasant to the eyes, you might like to find out how to design an English garden.

The first thing you need to know about this garden style is that it has its origins in Europe and it offers to the viewer quite a garden landscaping that can be compared to beautiful paintings. Of course, you can opt for having an informal or a formal English garden which can address to your own needs and the time you have in maintaining it. The elements you can put in your personal garden can refer to different kinds of flowers, shrubs, greens, crawling plants and arbors. You should know that a traditional English garden also implies accessorizing your garden with fences, fountains, sculptures and winding pathways. Usually, the English garden is suitable for public institutions that have a large outdoor space that can be majestically designed using lines that curve around the place. Most public parks are also fitted for this type of garden design because of the wide assortment of flowers and shrubs it uses in giving a great combination between natural beauty and groomed beauty.

In learning how to design an English garden, you should know you need to take into consideration only a few ideas and tips that point out the elements that make this special English landscape and for the rest you can choose to customize your outdoor space the way you feel comfortable with. A tip that might help you decide on the English garden style you are more into would be to allow yourself a few minutes in searching the web for some photos that show you different styles of English gardens. This is the best way to consider the styles and themes you like more and pick among them the best one for your space.

When selecting the flowers you should know that the most commonly used in the English garden style are the roses, violas, daisies and lilacs. And since the roses come in so many colors and they carry great smells you should definitely include them in your English garden. When it comes to arranging flowers you can opt for having them grouped or spread. But for the formal garden design it is recommended to group your flowers and plants. Going for artificial ponds along with some benches, sculptures and artwork it is always a great idea in learning how to design an English garden. And for the curved pathways you should consider as materials the gray stones and bricks.

If you decide for the formal English garden style, you need to put some effort into caring for your lawn. Yes, the formal English garden includes a lawn, which should be perfectly trimmed. For this mission, look for the best lawn mower. Whether it is gas powered or electric, the lawn mower should handle the needs of your lawn without effort. It should also be very easy to use. If the lawn has curved margins, marked by flowers and shrubs, the best lawn mower for your yard should have adjustable features and it should be easy to maneuver.