Cool Robots to Play with Your Pets

Bring ball fetching to a whole new level with the latest robots that can throw balls for your dog. The Safe Pet and iFetch are great devices that can entertain your dogs and make playtime more comfortable for you. If you are too tired to throw a ball, have these bots throw them for you.

Exotic Pets

Many people own exotic pets just because they fancy it as being something original that makes them unique and gains them other people’s envy, but there are also those genuinely preoccupied with the welfare of animals and are only keeping them out of a too great love for the animal kingdom.

The Macaw

Macaw is a term used to refer to various types of parrots, usually those very colorful ones which are also known as New World parrots or Neotropical parrots and which are original in tropical areas with very warm climate such as forests, rainforests and woodlands in countries like Mexico, Central America and South America.

The Cockatiel

The cockatiel, at only 30 or 33 centimeters, are the smallest type of Cockatoos and due to their friendly nature and their playful crest they are amongst the most popular household pets; they are also relatively easy to breed in captivity, which is why they can be found for purchase almost anywhere in the world.


The Yorkshire Terrier which refers to a dog breed also termed as Yorkie could offer you the perfect choice in dog breeds for your little ones as these types of dogs aside from the fact of being toy dogs because they are very small sized pets are also very agile, intelligent, loyal and sometimes overprotective dogs that can get active in a game playing along with your kids.

Siamese Cats

Originally from Thailand, Siamese cats became a favorite in Europe and North America during the 20th century when the breed had been cross-bred until only its finest features were kept and some genetic disorders such as myopia were excluded; they are among the classiest domestic cats in the world and they are sometimes champions of pedigree.

The Bengal Cat

According to documentation, the first presence of the Bengal cat was recorded in 1889, though its mention as a domestic cat didn’t appear until the 1930s; though the cat needs to be at least a third generation to be considered fit to live in a domesticated environment, some consider that this hybrid will always be wild and thus unfit in a home.


There are numerous types of birds with can be called a parakeet, but amongst the most common – both as spreading of the species and as a household pet – are the Grass Parakeet, the Budgerigar Parakeet – which is commercialized as a pet worldwide –, or the Ring-necked Parakeet where the male and female have different features.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is not an “invented” breed, but a “discovered” one, when a white cat with folded ears named Susie was found on a farm in Scotland and some of her resembling kittens were taken by a neighboring farmer for breeding and subsequent registration.

Labrador retriever

If you want to buy a dog and you don’ know what breed to pick then you should find out more about the Labrador retriever that has a very loving personality being a great companion dog and not to mention that they present no threat for the little ones in case you have any around you and you need to purchase a dog that is safe for them.

Golden retriever

If you want to have around a dog that is clever and has a friendly attitude even with other animals around the house you should definitely go for a Golden retriever that is fitted to accomplish many tasks from being guide dog for the ones with different disabilities to detecting drugs and even rescuing persons after some unfortunate calamities happening.