Weight Loss
Fun yourself and keep the weight off

Fun yourself and keep the weight off

Now, you are a couple of pounds lighter than when you embarked on your weight loss journey. Major weight loss is totally possible and you are the living proof of it. You have succeeded in achieving a healthy lifestyle by transforming your eating and exercise habits. The journey does not end here, though. Losing weight is the easy part. What is difficult is keeping it off. Your brain tries to put the weight back on, trying to restore the fat stores. The outcome is an increased appetite and a tendency to consume more foods than necessary. It is as if your body conspires against you. Nearly all people who lose weight gain it back within a year or less. If you do not want this to happen to you, take measures. There are many fun things that you can do to keep the weight off for good. Yes, you can have fun while maintaining your weight loss. If you want to continue to look slim and elegant, this is what you need to do.

Try indoor rock climbing

Rock climbing is practically climbing up and down, or across natural formations with the help of rope and other pieces of special equipment. The aim is to reach a certain point without falling. As the name clearly suggests, indoor climbing takes place within the limits of a building, on artificial rock walls. If you have never tries this adrenaline-pumping sport, you should. Besides the fact that it is affordable to get started, it is not the same thing as your typical workout routine. If you want to maintain your slimmer self for a longer time, try indoor rock climbing because it is great exercise. This activity sets in motion your body muscle, working the body as well as the mind. You will enjoy a full-body workout without drowning in sweat. After a climb, you will feel great. Your confidence levels will be extremely high, as you are taking on a difficult challenge. Plus, you will be a much happier person.

Dancing – a super way to stay slim

Dancing has the power to brighten every person’s life and it is incredibly easy to do. If you want to stay in shape, do not miss the opportunity to dance. Make the most of the space in your home. Play any song that you like. Once you feel the song, you will know what to do. Better yet, turn on the TV and imitate your favourite stars. You can see inspiring performances on shows like Dancing with the Stars. Just think about the thrill that you get from watching celebrities dancing and seeing the judge panel in action. Take a look into the very popular Twitter page of a professional dancer and see what dance move they have to share. After that, hit the dance floor. In addition to the fact that it is incredibly fun, dancing is better than other forms of exercise. The intensity depends on the type of the dance that you choose. If you opt for salsa or hip-hop, your workout will be that more intense. Dance your way to your dream body.

Treat yourself every now and then  

You have tried to improve yourself in life and you have not been unsuccessful. The only time that you are true to yourself is when you truly appreciate yourself. Celebrate what you have accomplished so far. Whether it is taking time to watch your favourite show or indulging in your preferred food, it is completely worth it. Speaking of which, it is not a good idea to deprive yourself of food. Skipping meals will only lead to weight gain. Every now and then, treat yourself to bad foods. Eat sugary, foods that have carbs, or fatty foods. It is perfectly okay. These unhealthy treats will help you maintain a positive relationship with food. Forget about your diet for once and treat yourself to something nice. If you feel that you have consumed too many calories, make sure to burn the calories that you have eaten. You will not even believe how many calories you can burn within an hour of dance.

Go outdoors

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Exercising in the gym is boring. There is no mental stimulation involved, not to mention that you are counting down the minutes until you get home. Outdoor exercise is preferable. It is good for your mind and body. The simple act of being in nature will give your immune system a boost. The human body behaves in a distinct way when it is out in nature. The more you exercise outside, the more you will be protected against illness. Running does not exactly fit the definition of fun, but that does not mean that it cannot become enjoyable. Slow down whenever you feel the need and pick up the pace immediately. You can play tunes while you are running. Not only will the music move you, but also it will help you stay focused on what you need to do. If running is not your cup of tea, there is hiking. This will give you a good cardiovascular workout.

Take part in club sports  

Club sports promote the interests and skills of the members when it comes down to physical activity. If you are not a gym rat, but you are looking forward to staying active, take part in club sports. You can play all kinds of sports, such as badminton and soccer. You have the chance to play at a competitive level, but without the time commitment. What is sure is that you have the necessary motivation to get your body moving. No matter what kind of physical activity you choose, it will keep you engaged from a physical standpoint. You will burn more calories when you exercise with others. Club sports are very entertaining and they will keep you in good shape. You do not have to worry that those pounds will come back.