Gin drinks

Gin drinks

These days, people can get anything and everything they want in matter of beverages that can be alcoholic or non alcoholic. And since a fine and exquisite taste is exactly what people seek in their drinks, there is no wonder why lately making mixtures of brinks that basically put little of alcohol in their combinations has turned into a habit. The choice people have in their drinks is strongly connected with their need to experiment more or less with alcohol. Of course we can not include in this category the ones that are under the age of alcohol consuming and the ones that are taking medication in order to recover from different health disorders. Moreover, the most important thing you need to consider when having alcoholic beverages is to consume them in moderation as otherwise you might get to the alcohol abuse rehabilitation center.

Among different alcoholic drinks adults can have with different occasions we can mention the Gin drinks which we find more in combination with ice cubes, olives and lime slices. As you might know, Gin represents an alcoholic beverage, which is fruit flavored with juniper. Aside from juniper, it can carry other different flavors like aromas of cinnamon, lemon or orange peel, angelica seed and root, wild plums and coriander. This drink’ concentration of alcohol may vary between 40% and 45%. You should also find out that this liqueur is used as basic ingredient in various cocktails such as Martini that you will find in many bars and lounges. The most commonly known variety of Gin is given by the London Dry Gin. Among other Gin drinks, this beverage is obtained by redistilling the alcohol after adding some aromatic plants. The alcohol concentration is obtained by adding in certain extents de-mineralized water.

There are many cocktails that have Gin as basic ingredient and just to mention a few of such mixtures of drinks we will enumerate just a few names as following: Gin and Tonic, Martini, White Lady, Gimlet, Pink Gin and Gibson. While some of these Gin drinks may be garnished with olives and lime or lemon slices put directly into the glass, others can have their taste and appearance enhanced by adding a pickled onion, cream or soda.

An interesting thing you need to take into consideration about Gin is that consumed moderately it can have some health benefits. You should know that Gin can be categorized among the diuretics and Tonic protects your body against some illnesses. Vitamin C contained in lime, orange and lemon also contributes to grow strong the immune system.