Give the School Gymnasium a New Look with Minimum Investments

Give the School Gymnasium a New Look with Minimum Investments

School renovations can cost a lot of money and the gymnasium isn’t usually on the priority list. However, school sports are very important, not only for the students, but for the overall school community. Sports keep the students healthy, and it gives them a sense of unity, while also helping them to identify themselves with the school values. As a coach, if you feel that the students are looking interest in the school sports, you might consider giving the old school gymnasium a new look. This project doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you play your cards right, you might even manage to raise some money in time. Keep on reading to see how you can achieve this.

Repaint the gymnasium floor

The gymnasium floor is the major element that dictates the overall look of this place. If the floor hasn’t been repainted in a while, chances are it is only suitable for a few sports. Repainting the floor is a great way to seize new opportunities and get the students interested in other sports as well. Make sure the new design is suitable for the most popular sports, but also consider less popular sports like tennis. For an artistic touch, give the art students a project and let them design the center of the court. You can turn this into a competition that the students will certainly welcome.

Invest in a scorer table

This is the type of investment that will pay for itself in just a few months and which can also help you raise money in the future. Not only will the scorer table give your gymnasium a more modern look, but it will also increase the public’s engagement during important games, and it can also be a great way to make money from advertising. Modern scoring tables come with unlimited advertising space and with software that can help you keep track of the advertisements that you will play.

Let the students paint the walls

We are certain that somewhere in your school, there are some talented students that would gladly welcome this project. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the design, but allow the students to explore their creativity and paint the walls however they want. Whether they go for graffiti, abstract art or sports theme, this project will bring a touch of color to the gym, and it is a great way for the students to be a part of the school community and leave something behind for the next generations.