Google Finance

Google Finance

If you are a person that needs to keep in touch with the latest news in finance or you simply want to keep track of the financial market in order to find out daily reports about the companies you would want to invest money in then you might need to use Google Finance.

The first thing you need to hear about is that this site is a financial service belonging to Google. This service was opened to the public in 21st of March, 2006 and from this year on it has undergone some changes in its homepage design and online tools. Another thing you should know about this site is that is in the service of most countries from the entire world. It becomes obvious that Google aims to help people stay in touch with the latest financial news in all places of the world and also commits in giving real time facts about stocks of different companies.

Every business and corporation and you are after you can easily keep track of its financial performance in using Google Finance service. And if you are among the people with well paid salaries and you consider in your personal finance some long term goals that target buying shares in some corporations and investing money then you should definitely choose this genuine service.

The service is simple to use and it is addressed not only to the ones that have to deal with finance on a daily basis, but also to the ones that want to get an idea about different corporations’ financial performance and that want to read about different financial news and reports from around the globe. Furthermore, you should know this service requires you no money in using it and the reports provided to the user are quite huge as it targets different financial sectors.

The service is a real time informer but you should know you can get even some financial predictions about the stocks of different companies and corporations. If you want to invest money and get maximum profits you can feel free in using this tool as it is very reliable thanks to the huge database of information it uses in getting its predictions.

Once getting to Google Finance, you will find out about five tools that are of real help for the users in their search. These tools are termed as “Markets”, “Portfolios”, “News”, “Stock screener” and “Google domestic trends”. While some can get instant access for the user others may request you to have an account in order to use them and find out more about whatever interests you.