Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

A graphic designer works within the field of graphic design or graphic arts employing different methods and assembling images, motion graphics, typography or others in order to create a symbol, a design, a brand or image, a piece of design for a certain product. Graphic designers usually work hand in hand with a client that requires representation for their product or service and wants it promoted or simply wants it to have a recognizable image and identity. The professional working within the graphic design usually creates graphics for printed, published or electronic media, such as magazines, product package and branding, and it is closely related to advertising.

Graphic designing requires creativity, so simply mastering the tools to work within graphic design is not enough; thus, graphic designers must be creative persons, with artistic valences, because their work is similar to that of plastic artists. They employ different images, drawing techniques, shapes, color, texture and text in order to come up with a final product. The difference between graphic designers and artists is that the first are employed for commercial reasons, whereas the latter create for the sake of aesthetics, of pleasure and consciousness expansion.

Graphic designers also deal with illustration, web design, typesetting or user interfaces and they can also teach graphic design, or Visual Communication as it is sometimes called. The graphic designer must create something that comprises the product’s identity, so that said product is presented through images or symbols that are easily recognized, easy to understand and that are also memorable. Graphic designers can receive a degree from a specialized trade school and this is usually essential if they want to get a position somewhere, because just being talented is not enough for a serious company.

However, there may be cases where a graphic designer gets to make a name for himself and subsequently be sought after and employed by a company. Moreover, after acquiring said degree, a graphic designer’s most valuable asset is his/her portfolio, which is the most important way of showing future or possible employers their skills and experience in the field. A graphic designer uses various programs and software in order to create, but the most common software used in this field is by far Adobe Creative Suite. Within this software, the designer finds Photoshop – this manipulates photos, images and so on –, Illustrator and InDesign. Graphic designers can be quite well paid if they work for important clients and corporations that have strong and best-selling products.