Grasshopper drink

Grasshopper drink

Nowadays, inhabitants of large cities can enjoy many facilities that no other place can offer them in matter of distraction and relaxation. And it is pointless to say to you that going to cafes, cocktail bars and lounges have become a favorite pastime for many that want to get rid of the stresses of the day. We can say that these days taking out your sweetheart or meeting your friends in a fancy restaurant or in an exquisite lounge is the best thing you can do in your free time. And actually, the cafes and bars are being part of many people interests when needing to relax a little and enjoy a delicious cocktail. These places where people use to meet and socialize usually have soft and hard drinks that should cover a variety of consumers tastes.

For the alcoholic beverages the choices are endless and if you want some cocktail that should be mint flavored and also sweet you should definitely go for a Grasshopper drink. This alcoholic beverage is today among the first cocktails which are ordered when going to a fancy lounge or bar. The liqueur’ green color is given by the rich mint being used for combining with the alcohol in creating the Grasshopper beverage.

You should know that different bars can serve different Grasshopper drink recipes to consumers but typically, this alcoholic drink contains equally divided parts of crème de menthe, fresh cream and crème de cacao that are put along with ice cubes and right after strongly shaken to mix smoothly. Usually, the cocktail glasses used to pour in the liqueur need to be chilled in a refrigerator with hours before being used in serving this drink. There are even some variations of this drink being served to people like the Brown Grasshopper which along with the above mentioned ingredients also uses coffee. The Flying variation uses vodka instead of fresh cream. There are even more other variations of this alcoholic drink which use mint ice cream, caramel and vodka infused with Jasmine as ingredients in order to enhance the flavor and taste of a Grasshopper drink.

The secret of making these scrumptious cocktails stays in the manner the bartenders choose to prepare them and the technique they use in mixing the ingredients. You should know that most of these beverages require shaking the ingredients with crushed ice which needs to full about three quarters of a glass. If you want to find out more about how to prepare different Grasshopper drinks you should use the Internet as there are plenty of explained recipes for the interested ones.