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HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is something that preoccupies most people, not only because looking good helps you have a better social life and move around freely through life, but also because weight problems are often associated with health issues. Luckily, there are numerous diets for weight loss, either in combination with physical exercise or not. However, most nutritionists and doctors will tell you that diets that are too drastic – though they may result in rapid weight loss – only have short-term efficiency and you return to your previous weight or above it when you stop dieting. This is why a balanced diet should always be accompanied by some form of exercising.

But since we’re talking about diets here, we’re going to present one of the more controversial, yet very popular diets of the last period. The HCG weight loss diet involves using the HCG drops in order to lose weight fast and effortless. Though earlier we said that any weight loss diet should be accompanied by sports, it is true that people who have a lot of extra pounds cannot just jump into the gym and start working out. All that extra weight will only stress your ligaments and joints so you need to start slowly and steadily, but only when your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer will advise you to.

So what is with this HCG weight loss diet and what is it all about? Well, HCG comes from Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone discovered by Doctor A.T.W. Simeons in Great Britain. What the HCG weight loss drops claim to do is regulate functions in the Hypothalamus, the gland which makes you feel hunger. The HCG weight loss drops will thus eliminate any abnormal and excess fat and you will no longer feel the need to over-eat.

With the help of the HCG drops the functions of the Hypothalamus are balanced and as a consequence the body starts shedding all that extra stored fat that you thought you could never lose. The HCG weight loss drops have already been tried by many people who praised it for the great results they had. Remember however that you should always ask for the opinion of a professional before undertaking such a step and that, although you should combine them with a healthy diet, you shouldn’t abstain from eating or deprive your body of all it needs.