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Home music studio – how to set it up

Home music studio – how to set it up

Because you are a rookie in the industry, you do not have the needed resources to rent a professional music studio, but you can set your own studio at home. There are great chances you to already have a collection of recording gear, so the next step is to decorate your room, and to convert it into a home music studio. A well-designed studio will make the difference between a smooth recording process and a frustrating one. No one will trust your recording skills if you do not show them that even if you record their songs at home, you still offer high-quality services.

The most important aspect of a recording studio is the sound. It is crucial you to be able to hear perfectly, and to stop outdoor sounds from entering the studio.  The way the room is constructed and its acoustic properties will influence the quality of the sounds you record.

Start with the colour scheme

The latest trends in music studio design promote strong colours, because they make the room feel more vibrant. A strong hue will make the studio have its own identity, and it will separate it from the rest of the house. When you choose a colour for painting the walls of the music studio, you should use it repeatedly throughout the room, on the ceiling, walls and floor. The furniture items and fittings should match the colour scheme of the room. When you enter the room, it should inspire you to create. You create the atmosphere, so you have to make sure that it suits your style.

In case you are the type of musician who prefers tranquil spaces when you want to create, then you should use white for painting the room, because a vibrant colour could disturb you.

Another option is to create a model on the walls of the studio. For example, you can paint stars and galaxies on an indigo canvas, or you can paint figures that glow in the dark. If you choose to create on the walls a model that glows when the space is dark, you offer it personality. If you want people to feel inspired when they enter your studio, you should paint the silhouette of an artist on a stage.

Set the acoustic properties of the studio

It is important to install in the studio panels that absorb the sounds.

  • A great idea is bamboo panels, because they offer the studio a stylish look and improve the acoustics of the room. When you buy bamboo panels make sure, the provider creates them for being installed in a recording studio, and not only to be used for decorative purposes. If you purchase panels designed for being used for this purpose, they will reduce the ambient noise, and will help you record high-quality sounds.
  • Another option to improve the acoustic features of the room is to install acoustic diffusers or foam around the room. If your room produces echoes, then this is the best solution to solve the problem. Acoustic foam also stops excess noise from entering the room and messing with the sounds you record. The foams can be used to cover even the ceiling and the doors of the studio, so it is a good option to check.

Bring inside accessories

To make your studio look more professional you should make sure you have the needed supplies for recording your own songs. In the beginning, you may be the only one who uses the studio. Take advantage of this and film yourself while recording music. Post the videos on social media and soon you will find people interested to work with you, and record in your studio, because they will have a glimpse of how it looks.

  1. Buy a headphone extension cable, because while you are writing songs you may move around the room. You do not want your headphones to restrict your movement, so invest in a good extension cable.
  2. Install a large flat screen monitor on one of the walls of your studio, it will offer you the visual feedback you need when working on the computer and adjusting sounds.
  3. In case you want to record your songs on your own, you will need virtual instruments. Multiple devices online offer you access to a combination of instruments, and they will help you save time and money.
  4. A headphone stand will help you store your headphones in good conditions when not using them. For a pop of style, you can choose a holder under the form of the rock-on sign, because it will look great on your desk. The model from will help you display your headphones in a unique manner. When it comes to headphones people always hate the fact that they get tangled, but with this holder you will not have to lose time in trying to untangle them. The design is portable, so when you want to take the headphones out of the studio and listen to music in another room of the house you can also take your stand.

Create a performance stage

If you have enough room, you can use it to create your own stage. It is extremely useful for the persons who want to share on social media videos. If you want to transform your recording music studio into a business, then a stage is mandatory. When people will come for auditions, it will offer them a professional vibe, and they will know from the start that they are working with an expert. The recording rooms that have multiple purposes are becoming increasingly trendy. You will need to install there a proper lighting system, because you have to make sure that you will look great when performing on stage. Also, if you intend to collaborate with other artists, there should be plenty of space for installing instruments. If you are part of a band, the performance stage is essential, because it will help you rehearse. It is an addition that makes the studio look friendly and professional at the same time.

Keep in mind that your purpose is to make the space suitable for your needs, so make sure that every item you bring inside matches the purpose of the music studio.