How E-Cigs Can Change a Smoker’s Life

How E-Cigs Can Change a Smoker’s Life

E-cigs were introduced on the market in 2004 and ever since then, they have constantly grown in popularity, reaching one billion users in 10 years. According to a 2015 survey, 50% of smokers also used e-cigs at least once and all data shows that vaping turned from a novelty concept into a multi-million-dollar business with incredible mass appeal. In the UK alone there are around 600 vape shops and the national market for e-cigarettes is worth more than £100 million. Figures left aside, e-cigs remain one of the most notable trends in recent years, one that has permanently changed smokers’ lives. Whether you’re looking for a fresh alternative to smoking, you would like to quit gradually or you just want to try cloud-chasing, e-cigarettes will surprise you.

No more unpleasant odours

Even the veteran smokers who have been using traditional cigarettes for decades will admit that the smell of cigarette smoke is not exactly pleasant. In addition to being quite pungent, it also lingers on clothes, skin and on the objects around you. In most cases, people can immediately sense a smoker because of the distinctive smell. Some are fans of it, but the vast majority of smokers hate that they have to wash their hands and clean their cars more often to get rid of odours. Fortunately, you will encounter none of these issues after switching to e-cigs. Firstly, these devices emit vapor, not smoke, and secondly, the vapor is odour free. If you were to vape and someone sat next to you with their eyes closed, they would not know you were doing this. Once you finish vaping, you will not have that bothersome lingering odour on your clothes and skin and your house will smell better too. To make things even better, you won’t need an ashtray either!

Freedom to smoke in more places

Most countries have national smoke-free legislation, meaning that smoking is either banned in all public areas or it is banned in all public areas except for entertainment venues. The countries where a smoke-free ban isn’t already in place are being pressured to pass anti-smoking laws. So, no matter where you live or where you go on holiday, smoking in public is becoming more and more difficult. However, the regulation of electronic cigarettes is not as strict and in most regions of the world the sale and public use of these devices is not prohibited. So, you can enjoy vaping when you’re going out with your friends, without having to go outside to smoke in the cold and miss out on the conversation. It’s also worth pointing out that even in countries where vaping is regulated, people are generally more tolerant of e-cigs than they are of cigarettes, so you can use them in someone’s home or in certain buildings without any issues. This is again thanks to the fact that c-cigs do not emit smoke and do not have an unpleasant odour.

Experience delicious flavours

Tobacco has been used for thousands of years, but very little has changed in terms of flavour. Traditional cigarettes taste almost all the same and although in the past decades some brands have come up with flavoured cigarettes, the selection is definitely lacking in quality and variety. With e-cigs, though, things are different. Vape stores such as Vapourlicious offer smokers an impressive range of flavours to try and experiment with: cookies, creamy vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, green apple, ice-cream, cheesecake, watermelon and more. Before e-cigs, anything other than classic tobacco smell or menthol seemed impossible, but now all these unique flavours are within reach for everyone. So, if you’re tired of the taste of tobacco and want to try something else, you can now switch things up by using e-cigarettes.

Save money in the long run

At first sight, the idea that e-cigs are cheaper than normal cigarettes might sound odd, but, looking at your long-term finances, it makes perfect sense. An e-cig kit requires an initial investment, but it lasts a long time and afterwards you only need to rebuy e-juice and cartridges. With cigarettes, you need to purchase a new pack every day and if you draw the line at the end of the month you will see that a considerable part of your pay check goes into disposable packs of cigarettes. In the past years, classic cigarettes have become more and more expensive and many smokers are starting to feel that their little hobby is burning a hole in their budget. This may not be the only reason behind the popularity of vaping shops, but it’s definitely one of the major ones. Also, most online vaping stores offer deals and discounts, especially on e-cigarette kits and e-juice packs, so you can stock up in exchange for a minimal cost.

Quit smoking gradually

Last, but not least, the use of e-cigarettes has been linked with an increase in the number of quitting attempts and quitting rates. According to a 2014 British study, a whopping 33% of vapers have quit smoking – this accounts for more than 700,000 out of the 2 million e-cigarette users in the UK! What explains this dramatic quitting rate? The main reason is that professional vaping shops allows buyers to adjust nicotine levels based on their own taste and preference. This is not mainstream among classic cigarette companies. When you purchase your e-juice, you can choose the level of nicotine in it, without affecting the overall taste. So, your e-cig will have the same intense, full-bodied flavour, but with less nicotine. If you want to smoke less or quit smoking altogether, you can lower the nicotine levels gradually, so that it will not be a complete shock to your body. Within months, you can start vaping nicotine-free cigs. Those who have tried this method say that it’s considerably less frustrating than using nicotine patches and that they weren’t as irritable throughout the process. Thanks to this major benefit, e-cigs have managed to please both enthusiastic smokers and those who wanted to quit, striking the perfect balance between pleasure and utility.