How the Baltimore Ravens got their name

How the Baltimore Ravens got their name

Any true football fan just can’t wait to get his hands on his favourite team’s jersey and support them while playing. Getting your personal jersey can easily be achieved if you visit where you can find products for virtually any American team. While more are preoccupied with procuring themselves sporting equipment, not many pay great attention to the symbol embedded on the shirt.  It is not at all unusual for a professional football team to be named after a bird or any other kind of animal that reflects the team’s individual and technical qualities and personality, although at many times the name have absolutely nothing in common with the team itself.  The famous Baltimore Ravens bear the name of the descendent of the crow. How did that happen?

Bach to Cleveland

In the beginning, it should be mentioned that the team are not exactly from Baltimore. Not many people know this but the American NFL club are originally from Cleveland and eventually moved the franchise to Baltimore in the year 1996. The team were named the Cleveland Browns. For a new beginning they needed a new name to start over.  Due to the fact that the owner Art Modell was refused when wanting to purchase the name “Colts” from the Indianapolis organization, he has to resort to other solutions. Next followed some exhausting groundwork destined to find an appropriate nickname. In his quest, Art Modell held panel discussions and focus groups, but he still couldn’t decide on what would bets represent the newly professional football team.

Edgar Allan Poe

Art Modell’s son, David, took the initiative and discussed with the NFL officials. He drew a list of approximately 17 names, initially there were hundreds, and questionnaires were held. It is said that only two names caught the attention: the Ravens and the Colts. As a result, he even conducted a poll in order to select the new name with the aid of the local newspaper; the decision was to be taken by the fans. However, the process took about two months to be completed. In the end, nearly three thousand supporters decided on the Ravens. The team was finally baptized after the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe in order to honour the dark poet that spent the last part of his life in Baltimore. The name was an instant hit.

To conclude, the Super bowl champions certainly have an interesting history. Even though in the beginning they did not get the nickname they wanted, the outcome was certainly better. Poe’s mysterious and terrifying poem has managed to enchant supporters, although the name does not reflect any qualities of the team itself. The nickname is actually a tribute to the city that has hosted the dark poet in the last stage of his life. There is some visible connection between the poem that evokes feelings of torment, anguish and fierce longing, which at many times can reflect the mental state of the supporters that suffer along with the team, living each moment so vividly.