How to create a positive and comfortable work environment

How to create a positive and comfortable work environment

In the past couple of years, the office has gone through quite some changes. The workplace has undergone changes in terms of appearance and culture. Teamwork is in, hierarchy is out, not to mention that racial diversity has increased. Office trends come and go, but one thing isn’t going to change: the office environment affects employees’ concentration and productivity. 

An ever-increasing number of companies are investing in spaces where people have the chance to sit back and relax. These organizations are seeing more creativity, better communication and collaboration, and less stress in the workplace. If you don’t know what to do to boost employee happiness in the workplace, please continue reading. It’s not hard at all. 

Consider making a lighting upgrade 

Maybe the light is too bright or maybe it’s not bright enough. Either way, you should really think about making changes to the lighting. Bright lighting can have dire consequences, such as headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. If the light is too bright or it creates a glare, you’ll be dealing with decreased productivity and absenteeism.

Poor lighting affects work performance too. This is because it makes the eyes work harder than they should. And let’s not forget that lower light areas are unappealing. So, poor lighting doesn’t bring aesthetic benefits to your workplace. Try changing the lights. Make an effort for the people in your organization. 

Use task lights instead of desk lights and embrace industrial light fixtures. Not only do they look cool but also they get the job done. Most importantly, maximize natural light in the office. Replace the interior walls with smart glass panels and eliminate bulky furniture. 

Provide free snacks 

It’s important for your employees to eat healthily. Healthy eating isn’t about dietary restrictions, but about having more energy and feeling better. Given that roughly one-third of adult life is spent at work, you need to make sure that they have healthy snacks at their disposal. You don’t want them to experience the afternoon crash, do you? 

People have the tendency to consume chips and candy bars while on the job. you have no control whatsoever over what workers eat, but you can encourage them to eat more healthy snacks. Giving them healthy food options reduces the number of sick days and will boost the mood at the office. 

These are the best snacks out there: 

  • Greek yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Raw almonds
  • Frozen bananas
  • Pretzels 
  • Low-fat popcorn 

Let employees listen to music while they work

The best solution for self-care and stress reduction is to design a relaxing workplace that reminds employees of what they do outside of work. Why don’t you let them listen to music while they work? Before you say no, you have to understand a thing or two about the power of music. It reduces anxiety, enhances cooperation, and improves efficiency. 

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Speech is silver and silence is golden. Maybe so, but people should enjoy more liberty in the workplace. Music can be a stress reliever and a source of motivation for employees. Take things one step further and play songs in the workplace. It’s certainly better than silence. Retailers take advantage of music to influence consumer behavior, so you can use music to influence cooperative behavior. 

If you want to help create a better workplace, use easy-listening music. This musical genre is designed to be soothing and relaxing at the same time, recording big successes in the sixties and early seventies. If you play this kind of music in the office, you can be sure that workers will be happy. Listening to easy-listening music can be described as relaxing, peaceful, and wonderful.  

Create a social space 

Creating a social space helps foster company culture. It’s necessary to make sure that the people in your organization interact with one another face-to-face. why? Because the workplace is more digitally advanced than ever. People prefer to keep to themselves. It’s up to you to ensure that everyone is involved. Instead of having a simple breakroom, design a social space with various functions

The café room can be altered to include work areas. You can add an aquarium or a faux fireplace. The space should encourage interaction and not disrupt employees’ tasks. Provide comfy chairs, board games, etc. Better yet, try to imitate the hotel experience – in other words, create an unforgettable experience. Your goal is to get people together and encourage them to interact in a soothing atmosphere. 

All in all, if the atmosphere is positive and relaxing, people will enjoy coming to work. The work environment should uplift the attitude, while also fostering a place for cooperation. Do your research and see what the company needs. Employees should thrive with the company. The happier they are, the more successful your organization will be. So, get to work.