How to Find the Best Rangefinder for Your Needs

The most important golf tips for beginners are the ones that teach you how to choose quality equipment. However, the equipment doesn’t just imply the golf clubs, as there are several devices which can help you to improve your game. For example, if you take a look at theĀ 2016 best rated golf swing analyzers, you will see that these devices have highly accurate sensors which measure all the parameters of your swing, and they are extremely useful for players who are looking to improve their swing. Aside from the golf swing analyzer, the rangefinder is another useful golf aid. This type of device will take you on the way to becoming a better golfer, because it comes with many effective features that can help you make better decisions and gain more experience. Furthermore, these devices have the capacity to offer you the distance to the flag or any other target, but some of them are more precise than others. So, what to look for when searching for the best rangefinder?

Maximum range

This is one of the main features that you must consider when comparing different brands. Most companies produce golf rangefinders that feature a 300 yards maximum range, and although there are products that come with a 600 yards range, they are not very helpful, because nobody is able to shoot a flag that is 600 yards away. So, keep in mind that the more complex the functions of a rangefinder are, the more expensive the rangefinder will be. Therefore, we advise you to stick to your needs, and consider buying a product that isn’t be equipped with things that you won’t actually use.


Besides offering you an accurate distance to the target, a professional rangefinder must feature great magnification properties. If you want to see your target clearly, we recommend you to select a device that can offer you a 6X magnification. That will help you have a better perspective on the golf course, and it will allow you to see obstructions and hazards easily. Accuracy is also important when it comes to golf aids. This applies to both rangefinders and golf swing analyzers which rely on the use of motion sensors. The 2016 best rated golf swing analyzers and rangefinders use innovative technologies for improved accuracy, but sadly, only customer reviews can tell you for sure which devices are truly accurate.


It is important to find out if the rangefinder that you decided to buy has Slope or not. Keep in mind that although this feature might make your game easier, it is not approved by the USGA. So, using this trick to lower your scores might get you into trouble when trying to join tournaments.

Ease of Use

When it comes to golf tips for beginners, we advise new players not to invest in devices that are too complicated for them. If you want to purchase a device that you can use easily, we advise you to opt for a laser golf rangefinder. These types of devices use a laser beam to calculate the distance to the flag, and to deliver precise measurements. Therefore, using them is as simple as looking through binoculars. Make sure that the model that you have decided on comes with a reliable battery life. Furthermore, we advise you to opt for a product with an all-weather waterproof construction, because that will allow you to use your rangefinder even when it rains.

These are the main features that define a good rangefinder. Nevertheless, you should also read some reviews so that you can compare similar rangefinder models. You can find a lot of good reviews on The reviews featured on this website are impartial and easy to understand.