How to Grow Tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes are some of the most interesting edible plants and, while they are basically fruit, they are used as vegetables in gastronomy. Although tomatoes can be found almost anywhere in the world now, they are most times imported or grown in greenhouses. Tomatoes thrive in temperate or warm climate, which is why they can’t be grown everywhere; while they are generally very tasty and flavorful, imported or greenhouse-grown tomatoes are not as sapid as they would be if grown in an organic garden. If you are interested in how to grow tomatoes in your own garden, we’re going to show you the most important steps for achieving this.

As mentioned above, tomatoes like warm temperatures, so if you live in a temperate or colder climate you need to know the best period to plant them. If, say, you live in California, you can grow them all year round, but someone from New York would have to plant the seeds as soon as winter ends so the tomatoes can have all spring at their disposal to grow. Another option would be to germinate the seeds indoors, in small pots you can keep under glass or some other wrap that keeps them warm and humid yet allows some light through. So if you want to know how to grow tomatoes, sow the seeds six or eight weeks before you want to plant them and make sure they are kept in a warm spot with lots of sun. When the plants have grown a few leaves they can be planted in the soil.

You cannot learn how to grow tomatoes if you don’t find them a good spot in your garden. The tomato plants need to have enough space and at least six hours of sun every day. You should also protect them from strong winds and other damaging weather. Just like with most things we plant and grow, tomatoes need a certain type of soil as well. They can grow nicely in heavy and light soils, but you do need to add compost and tomato-specific fertilizer that you can find at any gardening shop. A good tip when learning how to grow tomatoes is to be scarce with animal manure; that way, the plant will focus on growing the fruit and flowers more than the leaves.

Most tomato types need staking to help them support their own weight; however, there are also shorter types of tomatoes, so find out if they need staking when you buy them. This method will also help you save more space, rather than letting them grow on the ground. You will need stakes at least 1.5 meters long which should be shoved some 5 cm from the plant’s base. Start by watering the plants regularly, then weekly, and, when the fruit are visible, twice a week. When the fruit is red, your tomatoes are done and you can consume them.