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How to Improve Your Health by Balancing Your pH

How to Improve Your Health by Balancing Your pH

The pH in the water determines how acidic or alkaline a type of water is and it can range from 1 to 14. For example, a water with a pH measuring 1 is more acidic than one that measures 13 meaning is less beneficial for your health. The higher the pH, the more powerful the water in neutralizing the acid in your body, which is a very good thing. Therefore, you can learn how to balance the pH of the water you drink in order to make it more beneficial to your health.

Alkaline water running at your tap

Tap water has a pH under 7, which is actually the level of hydrogen ions found in the water and which influences the pH of your body. This type of water is considered to be the most acidic while levels ranging from 9 to 14 are more alkaline and more appropriate for a balanced and healthy diet. In order to obtain a higher pH in the drinking water, people use a water ionizer to add hydrogen ions to it and make it more alkaline and less acidic. These water ionizers are attached to the faucet and all the water passes through their plates before reaching your glass. The advanced technologies used by the water ionizers change the composition of the water and increase its pH above 7 so it will be healthier to drink.

The influence of a balanced pH on your health

  • The main health benefits attributed to alkaline water is the soothing effect it has on the acid reflux most people have. The high pH level neutralizes the acids in your stomach, thus allowing you to have a better digestion and to get rid of the disturbing acid reflux. The hydrogen ions in the water reach deep into your body and help your digestion in order to kill pepsin, an enzyme responsible for breaking down the proteins in the food and causing the acid reflux.
  • Besides adjusting your body’s pH level, alkaline water is also considered to be energy boosting and beneficial to the metabolism. The high number of hydrogen ions also neutralize the acid in your bloodstream, leading to an increased level of oxygen that promotes a better blood circulation, a faster metabolism, and a higher level of energy. This is why many athletes drink alkaline water during their intense workout sessions.
  • You can also enjoy beauty improvement from drinking water with a high pH level. Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that make your skin look younger, clean your colon in order to eliminate toxins, and help you maintain a healthier and shinier aspect.