How to Make Basic White Sandwich Bread

How to Make Basic White Sandwich Bread

At this point, the fact that store-bought bread is bad and not of the best quality is a commonly known fact. Of course, we aren’t saying that all manufacturers of this food are unreliable, but the usual poor storage conditions of the bread and the fact that not the best ingredients are usually used to prepare it make the bread a bigger threat to our health than we could ever imagine. There’s the problem of how sanitary are the conditions where the bread is being prepared, an aspect that most people don’t like to think about but that might present a bigger danger than we’d like to admit. Unfortunately, there are too many downsides to eating store-bought bread, downsides that are quite serious as they represent a decay of your health if you consume the food.

There is a great solution that you can turn to in order to enjoy eating the delicious bread without existing the possibility for it to present even the smallest threat to your health, and that solution is to make it at home with your own two hands. In this article, we will present you with a great recipe that you can follow to prepare basic white sandwich bread at home in a fast and easy manner. Of course, if free time is a luxury that you can’t afford, you can always buy and use a top quality bread maker to prepare the bread at home without actually wasting a minute on its preparation. While it’s a valid and convenient option to go with, it’s still best that you prepare the bread yourself if you can as you will feel more satisfied and safer when eating it.


The ingredients listed below, as well as the recipe itself, are conceived for 4 servings. Now that you know this information from Annes True Bread, let’s move on and find out what the shopping list looks like:

  • •Active-dry yeast – 2 teaspoons;
  • •Unsalted butter – 2 tablespoons (1 ounce);
  • •Whole milk – 1 cup (8 ounces);
  • •All-purpose flour – 5 ½-6 ½ cups (24.75-29.25 ounces);
  • •Warm water – 1 cup (8 ounces);
  • •White sugar – 2 tablespoons;
  • •Salt – 1 tablespoon.

Considering the fact that 4 servings result from the use of these ingredients alone, it’s easy to understand the fact that you will actually save money in the long run as well if you prepare the sandwich bread at home. Therefore, your wallet, as well as your health, will have to benefit from this change.

Preparation Directions

Before we continue with the recipe, know that the preparation takes approximately 55 minutes, and only 20 minutes will be hands-on time. Thus, you won’t waste too much time in the kitchen when preparing the bread.
Step #1 – Take a bowl and pour the warm water in it. Sprinkle the yeast in the bowl and let it dissolve. This should take approximately 5 minutes.
Step #2 – In the meanwhile, place the butter in a microwave-safe bowl and let it melt in the microwave. When it has melted, stir in the salt, sugar, and milk. Afterward, pour this mixture and one cup of flour over the yeast, stirring in the bowl until the composition comes together.
Step #3 – Add four and a half cups of flour into the bowl and stir in it until a floury yet consistent dough is formed.
Step #4 – Knead the dough for approximately 10 minutes using the mixer, or knead it by hand against the counter. The second option is more tiring, so if you own a mixer, we recommend that you use it to spare yourself of the manual labor. When you’re done, the dough should be smooth, forming a ball without sagging and returning back to its shape if you poke it.
Step #5 – Clean the bowl that you used to mix the dough in, coat it with oil, form the dough into a ball that you place in a bowl, and turn it to coat it with oil. Next, cover the bowl with a cloth and place it in a warm spot for the dough to rise. It should take approximately 1 hour.
Step #6 – When the dough is ready, sprinkle a little flour on the counter, turn it out on top, and divide it in two. Now you must shape each half of the dough into a loose ball and let them rest for 10 minutes.

Step #7 – Take two pans and grease them with nonstick cooking spray. Shape the balls into loaves with your hands and place them into the pans, making sure that they are stretched taut. Next, let them rise until they go over the edge of the pan. This should take a maximum of 40 minutes.
Step #8 – Heat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit after 20 minutes pass since you have let the dough rise a second time.
Step #9 – With a sharp serrated knife, slash the tops of the loaves and put the pans in the oven. After inserting the pans in the oven, turn it down to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and let them bake for about half an hour. To make sure that you won’t take the sandwich bread out before it’s perfectly baked, check for the crust to have a dark golden-brown color.
Step #10 – Now that you have taken the loaves out, let them cool before you slice them. If there is remaining bread that you want to properly store to eat later, make sure that it sits at room temperature. This type of storage will keep the bread fresh for a few days. If you want to prepare a bigger quantity of loaves at once to eat them over time, know that if you wrap the bread in foil and plastic and you freeze it, it will stay fresh for up to 3 months.

Nutrition Information

Now that you know what you need to prepare the bread and how to make it, let’s see what are the nutritional information of this baked good that you love so much. All of the information provided below is available for a single serving.

Serving Size 1 Serving
Calories 180
Calories from Fat 45
Total Fat 5g
Protein 4g
Sodium 339.8mg
Carbohydrates 29g
Net Carbs 28g
Fiber 1g
Sugar 3g
Calcium 59.8mg 6%
Iron 0.4mg 5%