Jukka Askare Game for iPad

Jukka Askare Game for iPad

The best game to play in your spare time is the Jukka Askare game for iPad, a game with tradition and great for your young ones. It seems that over the last couple of years children have stopped wanting to have a lot of toys, instead they want to play games on the iPad. This game is a classic and it is for kids of 3-4 years. The Jukka Askare game for iPad is an app was inspired from a toy with which children have been playing with in Finland for about 85 years.

If you have small children you want them to play interactive games because they help them develop both mentally and physically. This application helps young children match different shapes in specific holes. Aside from this they learn the basic shapes, sizes and a little geometry. To make the Askare game for iPad more attractive to children the developers have added a lot of animations and real life sounds. While your kid is playing this game on your iPad he will develop eye hand recognition and at the same time spatial recognition.

The environment developed for the iPad 2 is a 3D one which will help your kid refine his moving skills because he has to move the colorful pieces on the screen with the help of their fingers. Another great feature of this game is the fact that it does not use language which means that anyone can use it no matter the country. There is no need to explain to your child what he has to do because he will figure that out as soon as you launch the application. All you have to do is sit down and watch your child be amazed by the wonderful sounds, developing some needed skills at the same time.

We do not encourage parents to give up on toys and let their kid play only on the iPad because the best way to learn something is through tactile aspects. This is only a good option if you do not have enough storage space for your toys. Moreover, if you don’t like your kids using your iPad, you can install this game on a PC or laptop as well; now, with software like Bluestacks, you learn how to download Android apps to PC in just a few simple steps, thus having access to your favorite games and apps anywhere you want.

You can download the Jukka Askare game for iPad online and it only costs 0.99 $. For more information all you have to do is go online. We highly recommend this game for children between 3 and 4 years old. Now go online and get this wonderful game which your little ones will absolutely adore.