Kamikaze drink

Kamikaze drink

The urban living has many benefits when it comes to going out with our friends and enjoying ourselves in fancy cafes and lounges. And since the industry of non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks has developed so much lately offering a wide range of different sorts of drinks it becomes obvious why no matter the ages people like to overcome stress with relaxing in such places.

No matter if you like natural juices, soft drinks, coffees, teas or different cocktails once stepping inside a fancy bar or lounge the bartender will prepare you whatever you desire to drink. You should know there is quite no criterion in selecting a certain drink over another. Since the huge selection of drinks is meant to cover all needs and requests belonging to consumers, you should stick to whatever drink you want according to your tastes. If you would like your cocktail glass of Martini or a scrumptious Strawberry Mojito, or if you simply want to experiment with something new like a Kamikaze drink the choice is yours and the only thing that matters is to consider the age you are and whether you are permitted to experiment with alcoholic beverages.

The good thing about the cocktails is that they all are made of at least three ingredients among which one may be fruit juice. Generally, they may contain different herbs along with cream, honey, sugar and bitters. This fact makes the cocktails include in their recipes a more or less extent of alcohol. And according to your needs and alcohol resistance you can go for a cocktail that has more or less alcohol added as ingredient.

The Kamikaze drink typically consists of equally divided parts of triple sec, vodka and lime juice. It is usually served straight up and without ice since the ice is being mixed crushed together with the other ingredients that go into the shaker.

If you want to prepare this drink at home you should know you only need the above mentioned ingredients and in addition you can use a little sugar or a splash or two of Seven Up if you want to give a more special taste to your cocktail. The ingredients you are putting inside your shaker need to be strongly shaken and mixed in order to create a smooth and tasty drink. A lime slice can be added when the mixture is ready to pour into the glass. And you should not forget to put inside your Kamikaze drink shot glass a couple of straws for drinking your cocktail.