Looking for the best team building ideas?

Looking for the best team building ideas?

Culture is equally important, if not more important than strategy. Maintaining and developing organizational culture, especially during times of crisis like these, is paramount for team morale and productivity. Team building plays a key role in the process, helping create meaningful bonds between employees. This is realized by improving the interaction and understanding of team roles. People share expectations for accomplishing group tasks and support one another while respecting their individual differences. 

If you want to do a team building event, do it already. The right activities will deliver benefits to both the organization and individuals. Make the wrong choice and it will be an expensive learning opportunity. Before you start making phone calls and searching the web, you might want to check out these ideas. No matter if you’ve just been put in charge of putting together team building activities or you just need to do something fun, these team building activities are the best way to go.  

Office trivia 

Trivia is one of the best exercises for the brain. You get to expand and improve your knowledge, in general, or more specific areas. It’s a simple form of entertainment that supports healthy neurological function. Contestants have a great time playing the game. You can connect with others on a personal level by finding the right answers to the questions. Why don’t you do an office trivia night? Everyone will be on board with the idea. You have the venue; all you need is good questions. 

Come up with a list of questions about the details of the workplace that can’t go unnoticed. This will test your team’s observation skills, not to mention that it will lead to complete laughter. Another thing you can do is to find downloadable trivia questions for the office party. If you want, you can include a prize – in other words, something to serve as a reminder. 1-2 hours is the right amount for a trivia night, but there’s no reason why you can’t make it longer. You’re in control of the timing after all. 

Play netball 

There is no “I” in team. To be more precise, everyone needs to work together. Sports can help develop team chemistry, improve communication, and develop stronger relationships. The ability to work together towards a common goal is important not only in sports but also in life. A team without teamwork will never be successful. The question now is: Which sport should you play? Netball is a great idea. To play the game, each person has to pass the ball from one player to the other to get it to the goal. Now, that’s teamwork. 

If you’ve got a team of 7 players or more and are looking for a new league or venue to play at, you’re in luck. There is something for everyone. Organizers of social netball leagues and games ensure enjoyable experiences for all. Netball is an energetic sport, so it provides a good cardiovascular workout. Comfy clothes and trainers are a must when playing netball. Most people wear a loose polo shirt with short sleeves. This enables freedom of movement, so you can jump up and down to reach the ball more easily. 


Consider planning a campfire gathering. It offers a great opportunity for people to get together and enjoy one another’s company under the stars. A fire isn’t really necessary, but having one is helpful. When the campfire flame is high, there will be lots and lots of energy in your team. This team building activity encourages storytelling and improves cooperation among team members. It’s your responsibility to do everything possible to support a collaborative work environment. 

If you want to have an unforgettable campfire session, plan ahead of time. Think about what words or situations will come in handy as starters for the story. Examples include the first day at work or side projects. Avoid tasteless humor, even if many people are fond of it. You’ll create a bad impression. It’s normal to use humor in social encounters, but be very careful with the type of humor that you use. A joke may seem funny to you, but another person might think differently. 

Make your own movie 

Making your own movie can be a fun way to spend the weekend. Plus, it promotes creativity, teamwork, and collaboration. It’s an activity that can be carried out indoors or outdoors. You can have as many participants as you like. Make it a full-day event. The employees will write the script and dialogues. They can choose the location and the music accompanying the film. The team will come up with a unique approach to the incorporation of the themes and values. 

Get the necessary equipment. You’ll need a camera (obviously) and microphones, tripods, film editing cameras. After the so-called movie premiere, you can have a little awards ceremony to show your appreciation for the achievement of specific individuals. It won’t be like the Oscars, but pretty close. Don’t forget to choose your judges. Team members should be able to judge independently and fairly. For the sake of argument, look at the film one more time and see what can be improved. 

Go on an adventure

When was the last time that you got away from it all? If you can’t remember, that means that it has been a long time. Get people out of the building and go to a retreat. Your employees deserve an amazing vacation, short as it may be. If you invest in people, you’ll be surprised by the rewards. Set a goal before the big trip. What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to dig deeper into the company philosophy? Or do you want to simply get closer together? 

Be productive and professional at all times without imposing harsh rules. A retreat is a good opportunity to reach out to the local community. If you’re heading to Thailand, for example, organize an event there. It will be easier for people to meet you and learn more about the company. You can even host a demo while you’re there. Make the most of your trip.