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Luxury home design trends that all homebuyers should know about

Luxury home design trends that all homebuyers should know about

Expensive houses are quite difficult to select. They all look amazing, but the differentiating factor is represented by the features it has and the style that is applied in terms of decoration. The customer’s preferences should also be taken into account. Luxurious houses are expensive no matter what, so you need to take your time to analyze all your options before making a purchase. The luxury home design trends that dominated this year and will keep shine in the future ones are:

Using expensive materials

The first thing you will notice when viewing luxurious houses has to do with the materials used. The finishes usually contain marble, hardwood or stone. The more you notice that the house contains these elements, the higher the price you should expect. Expensive finishes can be noticed in modest houses as well, but they are often created using imitations of the actual materials to obtain the finish only, but not the resistance of the actual material. Since you invest in a luxury home, you should pay for quality materials only, so make sure that genuine materials are used.

Spacious dressing rooms

You might have a dressing room in your current apartment, but it is surely not the size of a master bedroom. Well, in luxurious homes, you should expect huge dressing rooms. Yes – more than one. Each big room of the house should have a dedicated dressing room. If you own a large selection of houses or many people visit you on a regular basis, this is a feature you can’t oversee. The size of the master dressing room varies from one home to another. The storage space you need along with the number of people who are going to live in that house should help you make a decision. If you look for expensive London homes for sale, this is a definitive factor to consider.

Mesmerizing ceilings

Regular ceilings are not a luxe touch. Even though simplicity is the definition of elegance, flat ceilings won’t give that gorgeous look to a house. If you want to enjoy spending your time in a living room, you definitely have to search for houses that include complex architectural details on the ceilings. Accentuating beams and chandeliers are common on the ceilings of expensive homes.

Hotel-like bathrooms

Big bathrooms are a feature of luxury anyway, but topping that with fine details and high-end appliances is a must to make the house stand out from the rest. Most bathrooms in such houses contain more than just one vanity. Having both a bathtub in the middle of the bathroom as well as a glass shower cabin represents normality when discussing luxury. Lighting fixtures are also impressive in bathrooms, as the rooms are high enough to hang chandeliers on them. Clawfoot bathtubs are the more expensive option, usually found in luxe bathrooms. Since people spend their alone time in the bathroom, it’s nice to splurge.

Rich color palettes

If color palettes are plain in houses that don’t require a big budget to finish, luxurious houses include richer color palettes with accent nuances and matching decoration items and furniture. You should pay attention to the way colors are combined and how they complement each other. Shades of red, purple or even black are popular this year in all industries and will remain in the attention of interior designers for a while. Daring color palettes that give the house a sense of individuality and unicity are the one detail you should focus on when viewing a house.

Using concrete

Concrete might sound cheap at first, but finishes made of concrete are only found in luxurious, minimalist houses. Concrete blends great with appliances and it offers a stylish look to the whole room. It’s important to use concrete the right way to make it look good. For instance, polished concrete can be used instead of marble for countertops or it can be used as a table top. Using geometric concrete tiles for the floor is also a trend that seems to be appreciated this year. Blending concrete with stone and wood can result in a beautiful outcome if done right. Luxury London homes for sale usually include concrete finishes in their designs.

King size beds

Besides big rooms, the house should also be equipped with big furniture items. The focal point in bedrooms is represented by the beds selected. Regardless of the bedroom type, the size of the bed should be appropriate for the size of the room. In bigger rooms, king size beds are a requirement. This year, canopy beds made a comeback from the ’80s and are more appreciated than ever. If the room is spacious enough to include canopy beds, it is the ultimate detail for a luxurious house. Vintage furniture is more expensive than people believe, as well as hardwood furniture.