Margherita Burgener Blue Roses Earclips

Margherita Burgener Blue Roses Earclips

Adorning the body with special and unique combinations of metals and gemstones has been a passion of this species for a very long time now. At first it separated kings from the plebs, making them look closer to the gods than to the earth. Seeing a shiny and colorful gemstone for the first time must have been very impressive to someone thousands of years ago, convincing them that the person wearing or owning them was indeed someone to fear and respect as being out of this world.

Though jewelry is still a special part of this society and most people have access to it – of lower or higher quality – there still remain pieces that would impress even the most experienced and worldly person. Such pieces of jewelry are the Margherita Burgener Blue Roses, a pair of blue earclips fit to adorn the ears of queens and princesses. For those who are not very familiar with the world of high-end jewelry, Margherita Burgener is an Italian brand created not so long ago by Emanuela Burgener who named her collections after her daughter, Margherita.

Having grown up in the world of jewelry making, precisely in her parents’ goldsmith workshop, Burgener definitely had an advantage when deciding to design her own jewelry. Just like the Margherita Burgener Blue Roses, most pieces of jewelry from this brand are defined through the use of colorful gemstones and, often, pave diamonds. Though very elegant and quite royal-looking, jewelry like the Margherita Burgener Blue Roses look quite youthful and fresh, so they could be worn by anyone.

Each earclip is a dark, almost royal blue and shaped like a rose where every petal is adorned with pave brilliant-cut diamonds that confer it a magical shine. Set in titanium and 18-karat white gold, the Margherita Burgener Blue Roses represent a very special collection of hand-made jewelry. While their price makes them inaccessible to most people, one can still admire them as a wonderful example of craftsmanship, standing as an example of how far we’ve reached in this industry. For those still interested, this pair of earclips will cost somewhere between $18,000 and $22,000 depending on the place of purchase. It may seem steep, but jewelry like this is an investment as its value only increases in time, especially if kept in a good condition. This is the type of jewelry you want kept in the family and pass on from mother to daughter as family heirloom.