Weight Loss
Motivation to Lose Weight

Motivation to Lose Weight

Though there is clearly motivation behind going on a diet in an attempt to lose weight, there is the problem of maintaining that motivation in order to keep facing the dietary restrictions and exercising schedules you have set up for yourself or with the help of a trainer or nutritionist. In this article we’ll try to give you some tips and advice as motivation to lose weight that you will be reminded of every time you look in the mirror or in a plate filled with food you don’t really enjoy.

The strongest motivation to lose weight should always be personal and it should be the reason you went on a diet in the first place. But telling yourself day in, day out that you have to get slimmer can cause a lot of stress on yourself, so try modifying your motivation a bit. Instead of saying “I need to be thinner”, you could simply say “I need to be better”. Look at your diet as a health and wellness issue instead of a weight loss problem and perhaps you won’t feel as stressed about your new lifestyle.

Another motivation to lose weight should come from setting reasonable goals for yourself; don’t expect to be thin in just a few days or a couple of weeks and don’t beat yourself up too much if there are weeks when you hardly lose weight. In fact, it is advised you don’t do any drastic diets and lose a lot of weight fast because as soon as you stop dieting all that weight will start piling up again. Many people no longer have motivation to lose weight because they believe they have to give up on a lot of foods they enjoy and that eating only salads is excruciating. The truth is you don’t have to give up on most foods – unless your doctor or nutritionist advise so –, but, rather to limit the intake of such foods. That way, you will still enjoy your favorite foods without going over the top and without stressing the body too much.

Starting a diet is clearly a lot of work, so when deciding to go on one you should expect hardship; but there are a lot of things you can do as motivation to lose weight and to keep at it until you reach your desired weight. Ornate your diet foods in a fun way, buy yourself a really nice working outfit that makes you feel better about yourself and celebrate weekly or monthly when you see how much weight you lost.