Natural Health

Natural Health

Natural health can refer to one of two things: first, to our normal health state, uninfluenced by any outside effects like diseases or the treatments that must come for them; secondly, it refers to some people’s rejection of common Western medicine which is a product of pharmaceutical corporations. More and more people find that the over-the-counter and prescribed medicine have too many side-effects that they are simply not comfortable with accepting. Moreover, ever since the internet en-globed most of the information available in the world, you can now find free online medical advice based on various natural treatments.

Yet natural health does not only refer to naturist treatments, but to a health provided for by natural foods, organic and safe fruit, vegetables, cereal or meat and a natural environment, free of pollution and other damaging factors. While we consider it normal to take a pill for every headache, cold or disease, we must remember that in the past, and still in some parts of the world, the natural treatments offered by Mother Nature are the preferred option. Even today, some people choose to treat mild afflictions with natural treatments; even a strep throat treatment can be natural, utilizing honey and other herbs to calm the throat.

For example, ancient civilizations or empires like ancient Japan, Greece, Egypt and other cultures are famous for finding countless herbs and plants which helped relieve or cure as many diseases and afflictions. This type of information was not available to the wide majority of people until recently. However, nowadays, if you look for free online medical advice, you can come across a wide variety of non-invasive treatment options for various medical conditions. Our main trust with modern medicine stems from the fact that it cured or treated some of the most world-wide debilitating diseases like smallpox, consumption, diabetes, polio and others. This of course led to a decrease in mortality and, especially, in infant mortality, which meant an increased population and a longer life for everyone.

Though we have lost most of the ancient knowledge of natural health, there are still things we know and which we use or should be able to use would we want it. Many people advocate the fact that we must learn, or “remember” how to be more in touch with our bodies and understand or feel what they need and what hurts them. Of course science and modern medicine have taught us a number of invaluable things, but perhaps our own connection with our bodies can give us some telling clues as well.

Another problem with natural health is the fact that not many have access to it. Now we can find “organic foods” almost anywhere, but they are also more expensive than treated fruits or vegetables. There is also the problem of poverty and ignorance, and the fact that in many parts of the world living is something that happens abroad, whereas there you are limited to survival. Natural health sounds much like “quality of life” and other terms they use in ethics, yet perhaps someday we will all have access to better conditions.