Open source app makers: popular DIY tech solutions for all

Open source app makers: popular DIY tech solutions for all


With the development of technology, all sorts of solutions have been presented to entrepreneurs. Most of the times, accessing these solutions is prevented by cost. Technology can bring great profit, but one has to make significant investments in it before enjoying the results. Apps are incredibly popular among users, which is why entrepreneurs have set their eye on them. Whatever business you might be owning, developing a suitable app for it is absolutely necessary in this day and age. A decision of this kind should backed up by a large budget. That’s when you are faced with our first and often times, last challenge. Now, with professional open source app makers such as Siberian CMS, the development of your business will suffer no more. Once entrepreneurs heard that there is an alternative to the traditional, expensive app development partners, the solution gained a significant amount of popularity and apparently, everyone is using it. If you are wondering what the fuss is all about, here are a few useful clues.

Easy to use and incredibly versatile

What you expect from technology is exactly what professional open source app makers offer, ease of use and versatility. These are essential features, when you are talking about a DIY tech solution, as most entrepreneurs fear that their IT knowledge might be relatively limited. These app makers were especially designed to suit all users, not just those with a PhD in technology. You have to master a three-step process, which includes the actual submission of your newly developed app. Simply install the tool on your hosting, create the app and submit it. In terms of versatility, you can make use of the many app features placed at your disposal. The solution was designed to serve all sorts of needs. With a trustworthy open source app maker, you could design anything from recruitment tools to booking apps for beauty centers, for instance. Versatility is a key asset in the tech world and this solution makes great use of it.

Multi-lingual solution

Technology is linked to language, even though English has turned into the international, global speech instrument, especially for IT experts. For many entrepreneurs, their native tongue is the one they rely on and up until this moment, this aspect might have been perceived as a hindrance. Luckily, open source app maker developers have identified this problem and even designed the solution. The multi-lingual feature makes sure that you have all the information you need in your native tongue, eliminating the appearance of possible misunderstandings.

Creating cross platform applications

This may just be the most attractive feature of all. You want to make sure, through all possible means, that all your clients, irrespective of the operating system they might be using will have access to your application. So, the solution is to use an open source app maker that offers the cross-platform feature. You design your application once and it runs on multiple operating environments. Your app will function on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Finally, you can reach a larger public, having the possibility to significantly increase your profit.


Wanting to build an app on a budget is perfectly normal and app builders can definitely help you save money. Because you don’t have to hire an app development company anymore, you are left with a lot of money to allocate on other projects. And while the best app builders out there are not completely free of charge, they do have a demo version or you can try them for free for a certain period of time before you pay full price.

What is amazing about technology is that you constantly have options, functional and beneficial options. Open source app makers are clear pieces of evidence, in this regard. Their popularity rests on nothing more than technology’s will to correctly answer need. What is more, they allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of having an app, including people who do not have any coding skills and people who cannot afford to pay an app development agency.