Popular Halloween Costumes 2015

Popular Halloween Costumes 2015

Every year’s Halloween party has its favorite characters and the trends are set by movies that are released throughout the year. 2015 has been a rich year that has brought many novelties in the Halloween costumes field but has also kept star characters from the past years. If you are looking for a genuine and stylish Halloween costume for the 2015 party, here are the most popular Halloween costumes 2015 ideas:

The Frozen characters

Princess Elsa from the Movie Frozen remains one of the favorite characters for the 2015 Halloween since many women and little girls still want to impersonate the charismatic ice queen. If you are looking for a group costume idea, you should know that you can also find costumes of Elsa’s sister, Ana, and the funny snowman, Olaf.

Superheroes from The Avengers

The Avengers was a popular movie in 2015 and the main characters have offered a wide range of Halloween costumes, both for men and women. You can find online or in stores costumes resembling Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man or the Black Widow, so there are plenty of options for you and your friends to choose from.

Inside Out emotions

Another great movie 2015 was Inside Out, the story of tiny emotions inside the human body and costume manufacturers saw the potential of the characters to become great Halloween costume ideas. You have plenty of costumes to choose from, depending on your favorite emotion and you can choose to be Fear, Disgust, Anger, or Joy.

Hunger Games characters

With the second part of Hunger Games 3 to be released this November, the characters remain among the favorites for the Halloween party of 2015. You can still dress as the famous Katniss, her beloved Peeta, the colorful Effie Trinket or president Snow.

Dracula Untold

Since it’s Halloween, the Dracula outfit will be a great choice, but not the regular Dracula you all know, but the famous vampire from the successful movie Dracula Untold. What you will need for this costume is an armor, a long black cape, and a wig or some hair gel to get the stylish look of Luke Evans.

Jenko and Schmidt from 22 Jump Street

The characters of 22 Jump street make a great costume choice for two boys who want to have fun. All you will need are two T-shirts printed with the message “Sun’s Out Guns Out”, some colored sunglasses and two pairs of swimsuits.