Prison Break

Prison Break

Prison Break is an American television series of the drama genre, created by Paul Scheuring and broadcasted on Fox Broadcasting Company from 2005 to 2009. The series spanned four seasons and it followed the stories of two brothers, one of which was imprisoned and sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, whereas the other starts devising a plan to help him escape until the sentence is put to practice. The two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield have different fathers but the same mother, yet their relationship is a strong one. In order to help his brother Lincoln escape, Michael, a talented structural engineer commits armed robbery in order to be imprisoned in the same penitentiary as his brother. The brothers are portrayed by actors Dominic Purcell and, respectively, Wentworth Miller.

Prison Break consisted of a total of 81 episodes, presenting the brothers’ attempts at escaping from the prison, sometimes helped by outside friends or inmates, other times their plans botched by covert agents part of a secret agency called The Company, which had been responsible for the framing of Lincoln. While Fox refused to produce Prison Break when it was first introduced to them in 2003 due to the fact that they feared losing audience for their other hit series Lost and 24, they finally agreed in 2004. The series had good ratings, so the first season was prolonged from the 13-episode format that had been settled, having nine more episodes added.

Prison Break also received numerous awards and nominations, for People’s Choice Awards and Golden Globe awards. Because of its popularity among viewers, additional products were made on the basis of Prison Break, such as a video game, short videos for mobile phones, an exclusive mobile phone spin-off series, Prison Break: Proof of Innocence, an official magazine, a tie-in novel and two additional episodes which were subsequently united into an independent feature, The Final Break. This final feature was supposed to close unfinished plotlines and it occurs some time before the series’ last scenes. More detail can be found here:

Some of the main characters of the series and portrayed by actors like Robin Tunney, Peter Stormare, Amaury Nolasco or Marshall Allman. These were some of the starring actors, but there were also recurring characters as well as permanent secondary characters. The show was partly shot in Hollywood, though in following seasons some of the scenes were moved to locations like the Joliet Prison and other Chicago locations.