Q&A about cargo networks – things to know

Q&A about cargo networks – things to know

According to studies from the logistics domain, there are a lot of persons who claim that being part of a cargo network can bring them a lot of advantages. But there are also some persons who say that they cannot make up their mind whether to join a cargo alliance or not. This is the reason why, we have decided to help them and offer some answers at some of the most frequently questions that people usually have.

Which are the main advantages of being part of a cargo network?


There are many benefits, but we would like to offer you some information, in brief, due to the fact that we know that those who are interested in joining a cargo alliance do not have a lot of time to lose. Firstly, the most important aspect is that you have the chance to increase the number of clients and, implicitly, your profit. This means that you won’t have to face the problem of not being able to find persons to work with. Secondly, you can be considered under the same umbrella as a brand. Those who create cargo alliances are persons who have some good years of experience and their main purpose is to take their brand at a superior level. You should be proud the call them your partners.

Am I qualified to join the cargo alliance?


It all depends on the type of cargo that you choose. For example, there are some who prefer collaborating only with those who can be considered the most reliable transport companies from their territory. The professional standards are very high and usually there are set some competitive rates. So make sure that you can handle everything with professionalism. Moreover, you should try your best to be accepted by this alliance, in order to be able to face the concurrence. Also studies show that there are a lot of companies which have appeared lately in the industry of transport.

How can I manage conflicts from a cargo alliance?


In fact, you do not have to worry about this thing, because there will not be no conflicts. In order to function in good conditions, a cargo alliance should be well organised and members have the duty to respect the intern rules. For example, communication is by far one of the most important. When people refuse to communicate or are not able to do that properly, conflicts may arise. On the other hand, the rules of percentage transfer are also applied. This means that the member should transfer a certain percentage of their shipments to other agents.

Should I go to meetings?


Yes, you should definitely go to meetings, due to the fact that you can learn a lot of tips from other members who come with longer experience in the industry. Not to mention the fact that, if you are looking for partners, the best idea is talking to them at a meeting, when the atmosphere is more relaxed. Also, you have the change to socialise and have some fun.