Relocating to Sacramento – jobs, salaries and expenses

Planning on moving to Sacramento indefinitely? Then you might want to know some details about possible job positions, the actual financial situation in this city and what kind of expenses to expect. Even though relocating is a tiring process that takes lots and lots of planning beforehand, it might be the best decision you took and it can change your life entirely, as long as everything goes right. Getting informed about all possible aspects of moving to another city is the first step you have to complete. Rushing into making this change can lead to consequences that you did not see coming, and everything will turn out into a disaster. The more knowledge you gather, the better prepared you will be once you reach your destination.

First of all, you’ll have to find a job. Finding a job takes a lot of time and research, it takes dedication and effort. You have to participate in interviews, to impress potential employers and to set everything in order with your resume. Basically, you are building your life from scratch all over again. This is the reason why you should know as much as possible about the job offerings around Sacramento. Here are all the details about relocating to Sacramento:

The highest paying jobs in Sacramento

First of all, you should check whether you can find a job that suits your previous career or not. Relocating means you’ll have to find a job position to apply for pretty quickly because you don’t have time to waste around and pay for rent. In Sacramento, there are a few jobs that are high paid and required in the respective area. The statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor in Sacramento were used to create this top.

The top highest paying jobs in Sacramento starts with people who work in the medical field. Surgeons, psychiatrists, pediatricians, internists, dentists – these are the highest paid professions in this area, but they require extensive studies and a lot of work. The top continues with judges and magistrate judges, which are part of a domain that also requires higher academic studies and a flexible schedule. The last places are occupied by architectural and engineering managers. The average salary for a surgeon is approximately $250 000 per year, while the entry-level salary reaches around $170 000. The values are similar for all people who work in the medical field. In law, the average salary is $180 000, while in architecture it reaches $140 000.

The economy in Sacramento is prolific, so if you want to follow a career that is not present in the highest paid jobs top, don’t worry. The average salaries are quite big for all sorts of job opportunities in this area. You just have to participate to interviews and see what kind of offers you can get. Keep an eye on websites that list job offerings and make a list with the ones you are interested in. Give your best at interviews and the salary offers are going to be the ones you expected.

What expenses you should expect?

On the other hand, you should also know what sort of expenses you should expect. Expenses include everything from food, housing, clothes, transportation, personal care and entertainment. Starting with food, you should know more about the differences of prices between the food prices in the area you used to live and the food prices in Sacramento. A big part of your salary is going to be spent on food and housing. A basic lunchtime menu that also includes a drink costs around $15. The monthly rent for an apartment in the expensive area of the city can reach up to $1700, while living in a studio in a normal area will cost your around $1200. The utilities won’t cost more than $100 for one person, which is quite convenient for people who live with rent.

The prices for clothing are similar to the ones in other areas that are close to Sacramento. A pair of jeans will cost your around $50, the same as a dress or a pair of sport shoes. For business clothes, expect higher prices. A pair of leather business shoes can cost around $120. It is very important to notice how much money you spend on transportation. If you are relocating via plane and you don’t have a car, you will have to rely on public transportation. Sacramento Taxi Yellwo Cab and from Sacramento airport can be done via taxi. The prices are reasonable, a trip of 5 miles in a busy day costing around $20. A monthly ticket for public transport costs around $80 and it includes all means of public transportation. A liter of gas costs as little as $0.8, in case you are going to travel by car. The traffic is quite fluent, so you shouldn’t worry about this aspect.

For personal care, you will spend considerable amounts of money for short visits to a private doctor (not covered by medical insurance). A periodical visit of 15 minutes costs around $100. Toiletries have similar prices compared to nearby areas. For entertainment purposes, expect low prices. In Sacramento, a dinner out for two persons costs just $50 and a ticket to the movies costs around $10. Going to a downtown club will cost you $10 per cocktail and a cappuccino in the center of the city will be around $5.  A monthly gym membership will cost around $50.

Final thoughts

Considering all of the above, you can now make a decision for your future. Are you ready to make this relocation happen and get used with the new living conditions? If your answer is definitely yes, go ahead and plan your relocations right away. Don’t forget to let potential employers know that you will be available for interviews soon, and carefully you’re your accommodation. Everything should turn out the way you expected as long as you know all the details about this topic.