Router Table Safety Rules

Router Table Safety Rules

Router tables are useful items to have at home but they can also be dangerous if not handled properly or if a safety measure is overlooked. In case you are not familiar with these devices, you can take a peek at to learn more about the particularities and use recommendations that will help you maneuver the tables the right way. We also have some tips for you that will minimize your risks of getting hurt so, if you want to achieve the desired results without any unpleasant incidents, make sure you follow some simple safety rules.

Don’t allow beginner users

Never allow someone without experience to handle the router even if you have an advanced table model with multiple accessories. Not knowing how a router needs to be operated increases the risk of injury if the person handling it doesn’t know the basic operating rules.

Keep children at distance

Children shouldn’t get near the router table while you maneuver a piece of wood because wood chips might come out and hurt them. Although it seems fun and interesting, a router table is used with a power tool so the risk of accidents is increased in curious kids.

Cut small pieces

When you are cutting a piece of wood, cut small bits at a time so you will have bigger control over the workpiece. Instead of cutting big pieces, make several passes, adjust your fence position, and remove the wood remains as you achieve your desired cut.

Check the resistance of the table

Every time you use the router table, make sure it doesn’t move, vibrate, or disassemble easily. Due to the pressure applied to the wood piece that will be pressed against the table, it might become loose in time. This is why you need to check its resistance before starting any project.

Use safety equipment

Safety gear is mandatory when operating a power tool and the router table doesn’t make an exception from this safety rule. To avoid any injury, use eyes, ears, hands, and lungs protection, meaning safety goggles, headphones, gloves, and a mask to prevent the noise, the wood chips or the dust from affecting you.

Use a solid fence

One important rule when cutting wood on a router table is to use a solid fence that will not move and slip while you handle the router. If the fence is shaking, you could not only ruin your workpiece but also hurt yourself badly. Secure your fence very well so that not even the highest pressure could move it from its place.

Attach featherboards

To increase the safety of the router table, use featherboards that guide the piece o wood and prevent you from sticking your fingers too close to the router’s bit. If you attach featherboards to your table, the piece of wood you will be cutting will be kept in place no matter how big it is due to the pressure applied. Also, the featherboards will prevent a kickback.

Do not force the power tool

For your safety as well as for the router’s well-being, make sure you always avoid forcing the power tool. In case you must use excessive feed pressure to perform the cut, reset the bit in order to perform a light cut. This way, you prevent any damage to the tool and yourself for that matter as well. If you do detect an unusual vibration coming from the table or a high-frequency noise, stop the power tool’s operation and check for bit damage.

Turn the router off during maintenance

Regardless of the action you intend to take up, whether it is servicing the router or router table, checking for an unusual noise or vibration, or changing bits, you should first shut off the router and even unplug the power tool. Only then can you safely pursue the course of action you were going to follow. Remember to re-plug it and use the power tool again only when you are done with the maintenance task you have taken up.