Self-discovery: traveling abroad in search of new perspectives


Did you experience a tragic accident that made you realize the importance of discovering the world around you? Did you recently come out of a long-term relationship that left you confused and lost? Did you have a serious fight with your partner and you need some time alone? Did you just read “Eat, Pray, Love: one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia” and you cannot help but wonder how a self-discovery journey could change your life? Whether you have a compelling reason for which you decided to travel overseas or you just woke up one morning and felt like you no longer have a place in this world, you should know that you could never regret taking this major step. Spending so many years of your life in the same city might result in frustration, sadness and depression because you are seeing the same people, the same places and the same things repeatedly like you are caught up in a loop and the only escape is death.

You can view your self-discover journey as a way to escape everyday life

However, there are so many ways to escape, both physically and mentally. Traveling is one of them. You cannot wait for someone else to come and set you free, you need to take matters into your own hands and break any connection with all the people in your life. Erase any memories from your mind and prepare yourself to gain new perspectives by visiting extraordinary places, exchanging beliefs with locals and losing track of time. A self-discovery journey does not need limitations like time and space. You may wonder: what does such a trip imply? Do I have to become one of those people who quit their jobs to go around the world? Should I save money in advance so I secure my well-being during the whole period? Well, the first thing you can do is keep your feet on the ground. Just because you are traveling overseas, it does not mean that you will receive a makeover. You will not return as a drastically changed individual and people will not see you differently. This simple represents an opportunity for you to relax, to discover places that you did not even dreamed about visiting before and to broaden your horizons. You can view it as a break from your own life.

This planned getaway will help you realize your vulnerability to outside influences

The main idea of self-discovery travel is to eliminate any distractions or outside influences from your head. Even if you do not realize it now, everyone moving in your circle exerts a certain influence on your thoughts and actions. For instance, ever since childhood your parents guided you towards a specific professional career, even though you probably had other dreams. Your teacher fell in the same category because they pushed you to get exceptional grades. In adulthood, everything remains the same because your partner contributes to your decision making at home and your superior controls you in the office.  How can you escape from all the pressure to act in a certain way? Apparently, you go on vacation by yourself. This means that you should interrupt any type of communication with these people. You can even leave your current mobile phone at home and get a new one that you can only use for emergency purposes. If you keep the cell phone, but you receive unwanted or unknown calls, you can just resort to phone number search and solve the problem. If someone back home tries to contact you by using a different phone number, you will instantly discover the truth. The thing about technology is that you hardly get to enjoy a moment of peace and silence. It does not matter where you go, people always find you.

Regardless of the chose location, make sure that you get a rewarding experience

Nevertheless, since you made the major decision of traveling abroad, you should at least try to enjoy all the time spent alone and leave behind everything else that does not hold significant importance. Travel helps you get outside your comfort zone by heading towards the unknown while pushing back the familiar. Practically, instead of letting other intervene in your life, you intervene in other people’s lives. Whether you choose to explore South Africa, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy or Namibia, you get to experience the same things: savor traditional dishes, share stories with locals, explore the entire region and do everything to transform this journey into the most rewarding experience ever. This planned getaway also helps you cherish every moment more than you ever did before. The explanation is simple: since you know that your journey will end at some point, you struggle to get the most of it. You will become a human sponge existing with the only purpose of soaking up all the beauty around. During that period, you no longer live in the past or anxiously try to guess the future. You are happy that you are alive and that you have the chance to see, hear and feel everything.

Traveling to developing countries encourages gratitude and appreciation

If you decide to visit some developing countries, then expect to change your opinion about your situation back home. Once you witness the unfavorable conditions others must face, you will no longer complain about your minor difficulties encountered at work or misunderstandings experienced at home. Automatically, gratitude will predominate in your heart for the multitude of choice lying in front of you every time you want to buy a coffee or maximize your wardrobe.  Seeing how other people struggle to obtain simple and vital things like water is heartbreaking. Of course, this does not mean that when returning to your homeland, you cannot aspire to a better job, a higher income or a bigger house, but you will know how to appreciate these things more. The main purpose for your journey was to gain new perspectives in the first place, so you cannot complain in relation to this aspect. You get what you ask for. After exploring each region, each language and culture, take a moment to absorb all the information by withdrawing in a quiet place.