Setting up an aesthetic medical practice

Setting up an aesthetic medical practice

Have you ever considered training yourself in aesthetic medicine? If you find it an interesting domain, then you probably ask yourself what will happen when you graduate. Well, you will have to start your own aesthetic practice, or you will have to work in an established clinic. You have two options, but if you are an independent person, then the first one is the best one, for you. Considering that you are passionate about what you do, opening your own aesthetic practice is an exciting thing for you. But because you are at the beginning of your career, you may have no idea what steps you have to follow, because the dynamics of the industry are in a continuous change.

When you are running your own medical practice, you have great benefits, like one-to-one patient time, independence, greater earning potential, and artistic enjoyment. Here are some pieces of advice you will find useful.

Learn how to perform the main procedures

When running your own aesthetic medical practice, around 50% of the non-surgical procedures you will make will involve using hyaluronic acid fillers and botulin toxins. It is no reason to invest in expensive machines and techniques because no one can guarantee you that you will have a return on them, or at least you will not have while you are still a beginner. When you will expand your practice and you will run a large clinic, you should invest in devices like a laser, because it will attract more clients, but now your main purpose is to establish yourself a reputation. You should have a strong theoretical base in using botulinum toxins and hyaluronic acid fillers; because it will help, you to earn clients.

Grow your own brand

As you already know, in the aesthetic medicine industry it takes many years to build a reputation, and a single mistake to ruin it. If you want to have a successful practice, then the secret is to build a strong relationship with your clients, because if they are satisfied with your services, they will come back. The clients who have botulin and hyaluronic acid treatments regularly return every 3 or 4 months, and this means that in time you will build a strong relationship. The quality of the services you offer will directly influence the number of clients you have, and the number of referrals you get from them. If you prove to them that you are trustworthy, they will continue to use your services over the long haul. If you build a strong reputation, and people trust your results, then your medical practice will increase in popularity.

Prepare for opening your practice

When it comes to aesthetic medical practices, you do not need experience in the business industry to run it successfully. However, you will need some knowledge on the infrastructure it requires, and you will have to check the local legal and safety regulations. You will have to register yourself as self employed, get a cosmetic insurance, buy equipment and supplies, like 3M medical tape converters, and plan for upcoming problems. Before starting your own practice, it is advisable to work in a clinic for a period of time to acquire experience.

Find partners

It is important the names you associate your practice with to be considered reliable. You will need to work with other medical professionals, you will need to buy products and equipment from suppliers, and you will have to hire staff, to effectively run your practice. If you do not have experience and you do not know what partner to choose, you should check the market for reviews, because it is essential the products you get, like the 3M UK Tape Converters to be high quality. You should join a network of support, because it will help you a lot knowing people who work in the same industry as you do. You should voluntary enrol yourself in various registers, because it will allow you to connect with other specialists, and it will help your patients find you easier.

Hire the right people

This point is one of the most important ones when staring your own aesthetic medical practice. Your team will join you on this unique journey, and you have to make sure that they share the same values as you do, and they have experience and knowledge in this domain. It is advisable to hire a recruiter who has experience in finding the right candidates in the medical industry, because they will help you find the right employees. You will have to hire a practice manager, a secretary, and nurses.

Pay attention to what your patients have to say

More important than getting patients is keeping them. Your loyal patients are the ones who will bring you success. Why do doctors like to work with their loyal patients?

  1. They do not complain
  2. They ask for the same treatments, and you do not have to make any extra purchases and investments for offering them services
  3. They already know what their patients want, and the patients trust the
  4. The doctors consider the time spent treating their loyal clients enjoyable, because their relationship is strong

Establish your capital for the business

It is crucial to know the capital you will need in order to start your medical practice, because if you do not have the needed funds, you can experience great challenges. When it comes to starting an aesthetic medical practice, the costs are higher than when starting a traditional practice, therefore you have to make sure that you know what the real costs will be. You will have to include in your budget buying or renting equipment and supplies, hiring staff, paying insurances, legal costs and taxes, paying for a cloud-based management software, and paying for marketing and PR costs. An underestimated budget increases the chances to fail. This project should not cause you stress, you should have it all planned.

Having your own aesthetic medical practice can be highly rewarding, it will help you establish your name in a dynamic and ever-growing industry.